Enlightening Your Spiritual Self

Enlightening Your Spiritual Self

Are you on your spiritual enlightenement journey and you want to know how to make it through it? The first thing that you have to realize is that this journey requires honesty and for you to be vulnerable to the spiritual world.

This is a path that is hard, and you have to work to reach it. You have to learn to be mindful and you need to do things that help you to act in love. Here are some things that you can do to reach your spiritual enlightenment:

Get More Knowledge

You can get more knowledge, and this can help you to reach the end of your enlightenment journey faster. Try to find out things about your enlightenement and about spiritual leaders. Understand what your spiritual enlightenment is and be mindful of all the pain and suffering that you have to go through.

This is a time to be compassionate and loving and to create peace inside of yourself. This is a time to not have fear or anger and to not hate others but to be more understanding. This is something that is hard for some people but as you meet your expectations you can get rid of your negative behaviors.

You can get a reading if you need to understand your path better and reach the enlightenment that you want to reach.

Be Mindful

It is important for you to be mindful of what you are trying to do. Notice the things around you including your own emotions and feelings. Figure out what you are fearful of or what you need to do to expand your emotions.

Notice that there is a world around you that is more than your phone and television. Once you pay attention to your emotions you can understand your behaviors more.


Another thing that you can do on a daily basis is to meditate. This is a time to quiet your mind and to make sure that you are looking inside at what is going on. Meditation isn’t just chanting with your eyes closed but it is a way that you can meditate and get closer to yourself and the world around you.

There are different types of meditation including meditation with movement, mantra meditation and even mindful meditation. Each of these can help you so find one that works best for you. This is a practice that you need to keep working towards each day. Start small and then move on until you can do it for at least an hour at a time. If you are stressed, meditate more. This is something that can benefit your mind, body, and soul. It is great to fight stress, lower your blood pressure and help you to sleep better.

Figure Out Your Past Problems

Most people have some kind of past trauma or problem that they have avoided. When you learn to understand yourself more and you can learn to cope with your stress, you can see that your emotional needs are being met.

You have to learn to understand your own self in order to really meet your needs. You need to look at your past even as long back as your childhood and find out what has caused you pain and suffering over your lifetime.

As you learn these things, you can meditate on them, and you can figure out how to put your life together and how to move forward.

Understand Your Behaviors

There are reasons that you act the way that you do, and it is important to figure out why. You might have trauma from your past or you might have relationships that have failed and have hurt you. Whatever it is, learn to understand why you are behaving the way that you are.

Make changes in your life and let your enlightenment journey move on. Be honest with yourself and those around you. Be kind and understand of how you treat yourself and others. Try to be non-judgmental and mindful of how you deal with people around you.

It is important to be patient during this time so that you can work through your problems. You need to have thankfulness in what the universe has shown you and try to understand love more.

Final Thoughts

The spiritual enlightenment that you are going through is your path to living a better life. As you become enlightened you can reach your goals and you can figure out how to focus on your good emotions. Be compassionate and loving and learn to engage in peace and not negativity.

Leave your resentments in the past and learn to take a step forward to better your life. You will not get enlightened by just trying but you will reach your destination as you work through problems in your life and reflect on how to better yourself. Your path is your own and there is no time limit on it.


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