Meaning of Penguin Sightings

Penguin Sightings

A penguin is a strong animal, and it can represent good changes and being able to adapt to the world around you. A penguin is a bird that chooses to be in water instead of flying and they have changed their wings to suit the area that they live in.

Penguins show you that it is okay to be different and that even being in the water makes them happy.

What Does a Penguin Symbolize?

Penguins can symbolize energy. Penguins drink saltwater and other animals will drink it and get sick. Penguins have a body that filters out the salt and then uses the water to refresh them. This is something that is natural for them. The spirit that you have is like a penguin that it can take the energy that you have and filter out anything negative and then leave you with energy that feels free and good.

Penguins also love to interact with other penguins. They love to see each other and none of them are alike. You will not mix up two penguins because they aren’t the same.

The relationships that penguins have allow them to be faithful to their partners and they stay with one penguin for life. Not all their time is focused on mating, and some will hunt, and others will just be there to be a companion. 

When penguins do mate, they will take on gender roles and the male will sit on the egg while the female hunts. The male will never leave the egg no matter what. The mother penguin will be a great mother to the babies.


When the weather gets colder, the penguins will group together and will dance. They will do this so that they can keep everyone warm. They will rotate and show harmony to each other and focus on what the group needs.

Penguins live most of their lives in water and they work with the water element to help them. If you have dreams and intuition, then you can use the penguin symbolism to guide you and to show you that you can have clear thinking. If you are a lightworker or a mystic, penguins might be your spirit animal.


The colors of the penguin mean balance. Black and white mean balance and equality. They are there to mask the penguin from predators and to help them to match the snow so that they can hide. This helps them to be protective.

Most penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere, but some will live in Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, Chili, Brazil, Mozambique, or Argentina.

Spirit Animals

Penguin spirit animals can help you to find your awakening and to know that you are on the right path in your life. You will see that they are there to help you to have a strong community with others and will help you connect with the spiritual world around you.

The penguin can teach you to recognize that everyone needs each other to make it through life. Pay attention to who you have as your group and follow your intuition when you take action.

Make sure that your relationships are strong and that you aren’t with people that are going to make you overly emotional or lose your way. Follow those that love you and care for you.

When a penguin comes to you in your dreams, write the dream down and ask questions about what you are going through in your life. A penguin will focus on your nature and show you that life isn’t just black and white. Give your time a balance and make sure that you are having fun just as much as you are working.

Totem Animal

Penguins that are totem animals, are there to show you that there are challenges that you will face that are hard, but you can work through them. When things get hard, you can solve problems and you can get ahead. Remember that saying yes means yes and saying no means no and don’t change this.

You are different and that is okay. Go out and seek knowledge and get the data that you need to help you through your situations. The penguin will bring balance into your life even when things are chaotic. You will see that as you make plans and move forward that your life will be better.

Be with people that are close to you and that want to help you. Help others when you can and set your intentions in a good way. Be devoted to your partner and make sure that you are showing passion and grace to people.

Power of the Penguin

Find your penguin and see how it works. Work hard to get what you need to get done. Don’t be fearful of things and learn to embrace change and newness. Let your life renew and if you have intimate relationships that are hard, work through them and understand that this is a break of harmony and peace. Follow rules that you need to fix things.

Penguins aren’t always in folklore, but they are often part of Aboriginal stories. They are humble to humans, and they are there to give magic to you. They will be part of important things in your life, and they show you that you can travel and that you can see great things.


Some dreams will be about penguins and when this happens, see what fun you are having. Look at the penguin and let it show you that you are diligent and strong. Stay calm and if you feel cold, get the support you need from family and friends. If the penguins are dancing in your dream, it can mean you are about to have a stress-free life.

An angry penguin can mean that you have negativity inside of you and you are bitter. You need to not argue until you get your mind straight.

If you feel positive about your dream, it can mean that good changes are coming in your life. Remember these dreams will go by fast and you need to trust your intuition to guide you and to show you what the dreams mean to you.

The dream of a penguin swimming can mean that you have deep emoti9ons that you need to talk to, and you need to find and embrace.

A penguin can mean:

  • Having choices.
  • Adapting to change.
  • Being devoted.
  • Dreaming.
  • Moving forward.
  • Gender roles.
  • Having peace and harmony.
  • Being an individual.


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