What is a Lotus Flower Tattoo?

Lotus Flower Tattoo

People have always loved flowers and the thing about flowers is that they have a variety of meanings and symbols. Each of these things can change depending on the culture but one thing for sure is that flowers have been the theme of tattoos for years and years. Even though flower tattoos have been around for years and years, there are some flowers that are considered more spiritual than others and one of these is the lotus flower.

A lotus flower is one that is full of symbolism, and it is found in India in waters that are muddy. It is also found in Australia, East Africa, Southeast Asia and is a flower that goes to the surface because it is an aquatic flower. This is a flower that people thank the gods for because it is nice to look at and it is one that shows beauty to the natural life on earth.

Symbolism of the Lotus Flower

The lotus flower seems like it is going to disappear into the water when the sun goes down but if you notice in the morning, the flower looks to be right where it was. Egyptians are people that would use hieroglyphs of the lotus and artwork of the lotus to represent rebirth. The lotus is found throughout ancient texts such as Indian and Chinese texts and is also associated with Buddhism and Hinduism. The flower represents wisdom and is symbolic of the heart chakra and being enlightened.

Eastern cultures use the symbol of the lotus flower as well but in the Western cultures, there are people that often use the lotus flower as a tattoo. They find that this has a religious and a spiritual significance.

Why is the Lotus Important?

The lotus flower is one that is full of masculine and feminine energies, and it is seen in different ways, colors, designs and more. This can be designed as a tattoo based on someone’s personality. Seeing a white lotus flower can mean that a person is clear in their thinking and that they are going through their enlightenment. This flower can also mean faith and a journey if it is pink and a blue one will mean emotions. A red lotus flower symbolizes passion and love.

Getting a lotus flower tattoo will be different for everyone and some will choose thin lines while others will add different things like lines or dots to their design to make it their own. This flower can be put in tattoos with other symbols and other flowers, depending on what the person wants.

One of the common kinds of lotus symbols is in the center of a mandala. The mandala is a circular symbol that shows a spiritual path, and this is represented of the universe. This is a popular tattoo and is often seen in henna designs.

What Does a Lotus Flower Tattoo Mean?

The lotus tattoo has different meanings and where the tattoo is placed also has a meaning. Some will do it at the neck while others will choose the back or the sternum. There are people that love to get this kind of tattoo on their inner forearm or on their calf or it can be put where the chakras are to help center them.

Some people will do their lotus tattoo close to their chest so that it can be close to the heart chakra or close to the stomach so that it can be close to the solar plexus chakra.

Why Do You Want a Lotus Tattoo?

Someone that wants to have a lotus tattoo is one that needs to live a strong life even if things have been hard. The lotus flower can mean that someone needs strength and that they can make it through their spiritual journey.

As time goes on, the lotus flower can mean something new for the tattoo owner. It might start as some kind of inspiration but then it will become a reminder of how far that person has come in their life.

Seeing a Lotus Tattoo

Lotus tattoos are popular in this culture, and they have different symbols. If you see a lotus flower tattoo, it can mean that someone that has the tattoo is spiritual and that it is a tattoo that can mean a strong connection with the spiritual world. Having this kind of tattoo can mean that someone appreciates their life and the lives of others.


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