What Does it Mean to See an Opossum?


Opossums are animals that usually stay hidden from humans, and they are considered to be shy. Most people have seen these animals especially in rural or suburban areas. These animals can have a deep meaning in your life.

Medicine of the Opossum

Seeing an opossum can normally happen if you live in the United States. These are people that often are found in your yards, and they are territorial animals. They will find a place in your yard, and they will mate and will be good parents.

Native Americans and Opossums

The Native American tribes know that the word medicine can mean having something used for healing or a remedy, but it can also mean magic. Opossum can be magic animals, and this is because they can play dead to avoid problems in their life. They will do this so that they can adapt to the world around them.

Opossums are natural defensive animals, and they don’t use aggression, but they choose to run when a problem comes up to them or they play dead. They are able to use this as a defense mechanism called tonic immobility. This helps them to be able to hide from their predators and helps them to have time to plan out a way to escape their situation.

The Native Americans believe that the opossum can come to tell you a message that you need to be clever when you are finding a way to solve your problems and that you need to use the element of surprise to work through it.

Spirit Animal

Opossums don’t live for a long time, and this means that if you have one as your spiritual animal then you might be able to look at the world through the eyes of a child. This means that you are able to find joy in things and that you are able to go and get along with people that are different than you. You can be kind and you can let your guard down and really get to know people.

When you see an opossum, it can mean that you are able to change and that you are able to stop, listen and look around you to make sure that your situation is safe. If you have to “play dead” to get past your problems, do this. This can also mean that you need to move slowly and to be cautious as you make decisions.

Dreaming of the Opossum

If you see an opossum in your dream, it can mean that you are in a situation that is going to make you vulnerable. It can mean that you aren’t able to see what is going on and once you get clear thinking then you can decide if you want to move forward or you want to change your mind.

Bad Luck?

Some people believe that the opossum is bad luck because it has a reputation for fighting and for biting. The thing is the opossum will use their claws and their teeth in order to fight and defend themselves. If playing dead doesn’t work, the opossum will have to fight by eating or by clawing their predators. They will also drool to make their predator think that they are sick or that they have rabies so that they won’t be eaten.

Opossums are not able to get rabies and they also don’t attack people or pets, but they can even be made into pets that live in the home. Opossum are not bad luck, but they are animals that are able to defend themselves without using aggression or hurting anything.

Motherly Opossum

Opossums are considered marsupials, and this means that they carry their babies in a pouch. They are like kangaroos in that sense. When the babies get older, they will stay on the back of the mother, and she will carry them around. The baby doesn’t leave the mother until they are around one years old.

If you have ever seen an opossum that was a mother, you would see that she might have a bunch of babies that hold on to her no matter what she is doing. This can be a sign that you are good at taking care of others or it can also mean that you need to take a break and have time for yourself.


Opossums are healthy and have great immune systems. They don’t get sick very easily and they are helpful because they eat insects, and they eat other bugs that can help to keep your home safe from these things. They protect people against Lyme disease by eating tons of ticks.

Seeing an opossum can mean that you need to make sure that you are protecting yourself form negative energies or people that are out to harm you or take advantage of you.


Opossums are able to live in dark places and they can see them at night. They sleep during the day, and they will sleep in burrows or in leaves. They like places that are moist and dark, and this is why they are considered to have spiritual energies since they are so connected to nature.

Symbols of the Opossum

People are often afraid of opossums, but they are great animals to have in your life. They are able to stop diseases, have a great immune system, are able to fight against their predators without aggression and are very spiritual animals. If you see one, it can mean that you have earth energy and that you are talented, strategic and that you are able to use the element of surprise to keep yourself safe.


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