Seeing an Owl


Owls are exciting to see, and they are not often seen unless you live in rural or suburban areas. Sometimes you might see one in real life, or you might see them in movies or on decorations.

Fighting Fears

An owl is something that comes out at night, and they are able to hunt in the darkness. When you are living your life and dealing with things, know that you need to avoid certain things and you need to be able to face your fears. Don’t give in to things even though they look dark, you can see, and you can make it through them.

An owl is wise and is able to shine on even when things are dark. When you see an owl, it won’t be something negative like some say, this is a positive thing and can give you a good omen about not letting fear keep you down.


Owls are animals that have spiritual meanings. They can come to you to give you messages about your own life. They are birds of prey and this means that they hunt their foods and that their bodies have changed to make them good hunters.

An owl is an animal that is nocturnal which means that they sleep during the day, and they do their activities at night. They have wings that are strong, but they are silent, and this allows them to hunt quietly. They are able to see at night and have night vision and their hearing is impeccable.

Owls can turn their heads all the way around and they are able to see in all directions. They are able to pool their blood int heir brain when their circulation is off to allow them to keep turning their neck more than most things should be able to do. Owls are not able to move their eyes in their sockets and that is why they have to turn their head and face in the direction that they want to see.

Spirit Messages

When you see an owl, this can be a message from the spiritual world. If someone has come into your life or you are someone that is always getting to the point, you might need to calm down and not to be so rash. Even if you are telling the truth, you might need to find a way to do this in a nice way.

An owl might come to you because they are smart and they want you to see how beautiful that you are and they want you to know that you have loved ones that are watching over you.

Owl Spirit Animals

Some people will have the owl as their spirit animal and if this is yours, you need to make sure that you are looking around and paying attention to things around you. You need to not overlook things. This animal can mean that you are someone that is seeking out the truth and someone that wants to get answers. This might be something uncomfortable for others but if this is your spirit animal then this might be your goal.

Totem Animal

Having an owl as your totem animal can mean that you see this animal a lot. You might even have décor that has owls on it. You are probably someone that likes to sit quietly and read or to walk quietly on the ocean while you relax and have silence for yourself.

Power Animal

The owl can be your power animal, and this means if you have traits that fit with the owl then they are probably connected with you in a strong way. Find out the truth of things in your life and know that this is your journey.

Akashic Records

It is believed by some that the owl can get into the heavens or the earth. They are thought to be able to go and to open the akashic records to get wisdom for you and about you.

If you have the owl as your spirit animal and you need to know something from your akashic records, ask them to come to you and help you. This should be done for your higher good. The owl is not an animal that will hurt you and you need to make sure that you aren’t being sneaky or having some ulterior motive other than to better your life.

Culture and Owls

Many cultures will call on the owl to defend them. They believe them to be honorable and to be truthful animals. When we tell lies to others and ourselves, the Celtics believed that the owl would come to you from the divine world and give you the truth. They also believe that the owl would guide the souls to their afterlife and would keep them from getting lost.

Some Native American tribes believe that the owl is one that can bring the truth and they would call it the “night eagle.” Shamans would use the owl feathers to help them get healing knowledge.

Seeing an Owl

If you are lucky enough to see an owl know that the spiritual world might be trying to tell you something. This encounter can be a message that the owl is trying to get to you. The owl will go out and hunt at night because they are adaptable animals, and you need to be adaptable in your life.

Seeing an owl might tell you that it is time to be quiet and to be silent sometimes. You might want to find the truth, but you need to do this in your own way without exposing yourself and others. You can also take this sighting as something that means you need to reach your goals and you need to stop liming your beliefs.

There are many people that spend time alone, but most people feel that they need to be in a large crowd. If you are someone that is never alone, know that the owl is a solidary animal, and this can mean that you need to take some time in your day to meditate and be alone.

Dreaming of Owls

Dreaming of an owl can be a sign that you are getting a message from the spiritual world. This can mean that you need to open up your heart and connect to things that are negative or dark. You can get the truth and wisdom that you need when you embrace the owl sighting, and you allow it to help you to pursue your dreams and your goals.


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