What Does Seeing a Bat Mean?


Do you look out you? night and see a lot of things flying above you? These are bats and they will fly against the moonlight, showing their beauty and their importance. Bat’s are often misunderstood creatures and ones that someone might not want around but they are really quite useful. Not only that, but they also have a spiritual meaning.

Understanding the Bat

A bat is a mammal that flies. They are the only one that is a real mammal that flies and some of them are small with only six inches of wings whereas others can have wings up to six feet. Bats can be found all over the world and some even have them as pets. Most bats will live in colonies with a lot of bats, and they are nocturnal and can help to bring fertility to the land.

Some look at bats and think of vampires but there are more than 1400 different species of bats and only three of these suck blood. Those bats like to suck the blood of cattle and not people. Vampire bats have a bad reputation, but they are great mammals that nurture their young and will bring in the elderly bats to take care of and bats that are orphaned.

Symbols of Bats

Bats often mean rebirth and they come when it is harvesting time to feed on insects. They pick up these insects by fires that draw in the night bugs. The Celts believe that bat are doing a dance when they fly by a flame, and they are seen as spiritual beings and fares. Even Native American tribes think that bats are a spirit of a trickster. The Zuni people believe that they are a sign of a storm coming. Bats in China have been said to be good luck and when they are seen in twos, this is even better. The pair of bats can symbolize the god of longevity, Shouxing.

Bats have been around for millions of years and some live to be over 20 years of age. Seeing four bats together is also a good luck sign and it can mean good finances, peace, long life, and good health.

Bats sleep in areas that are dark, and some believe that this is a spiritual meaning to do with darkness and with death. Bats are also known to sleep in temples in in places of ruin so that they aren’t bothered.

Bad Luck and Bats

Seeing a bat doesn’t mean bad luck. Some believe that this is a scary sign and that it is dark, but the truth is that the spiritual meaning of a bat is positive. Even though bats are considered dark on Halloween and other dark holidays, the bats are known for their perception, and this can mean that you have a sixth sense, or you are able to see things beyond the physical.

The spiritual idea of a bat can mean that you have gifts in the psychic realm and that you are able to live up to the expectations of the spirit world.

What Happens if You Dream of a Bat?

Dreaming of a bat can mean a sighting for you. Bats might fly to show you caution and to warn you of something in your dreams. Bats are sometimes associated with fear and if you dream of something and you see a bat, or the bat is biting or attacking you, it can mean that you need to face these fears and be brave.

Bats that fly over you in a dream might mean that there is fear coming to you. If you dream of a bat that is being friendly, it means that the fear that once controlled you no longer is.

Spiritual Animal

A spirit or a totem animal is one that can be associated with your life. A bat can be connected to your soul, and it can be part of your spiritual being. If the bat is your spirit or totem animal, it can mean that you can get the help of changing your fear to bravery and you can choose the right path in your life. Don’t accept fear and learn to fight against it. Also, don’t be fearful of death because the bat can mean a balance of darkness and light which you can have in and out of your life.


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