What Does it Mean to See an Elk?


Elks are very strong and powerful animals, and they play a big role in the world and can play a role in your spiritual life. If you are someone that is lucky to see a rare elk sighting, chances are that the spirit is trying to tell you something. Take time to find out what seeing an elk means for your life.


Elk is a large animal that is a mammal. This animal is part of the deer family and is native to Northeast Asia and to North America. It was once called a wapiti which was a name that was given by the Shawnee and Cree Native American tribes. The name was changed by English explorers when they saw the elk in Eurasia.

Eurasian elks are actually moose though and so they can sometimes be confused when people talk about the elk or the moose.


Elks are the second largest animal in their class, and they are called a Cervidae. This is a class that includes the animals:

  • Deer.
  • Elk.
  • Moose.

This animal doesn’t eat meat and is an herbivore which means that they eat clean foods found in their surroundings.

Social Animals

Elk are sociable animals, and they don’t live alone. You will sometimes see a solitary elk but most of the time the elk will have herds that have all female or all males.

This can show you that it is important to have friends of the same sex as you and that they can make great lifelong companions with you.

When it is time for the elks to mate, they will find female or male elks to mate with but then they will go back to living their regular lifestyle with the elks of the same sex. Sometimes an elk will have more than 20 female elks that they don’t share with other males.


The elk can get infectious diseases when they are around livestock. The infections need to be controlled but they aren’t always, and many have died because of this. Elks are also liked by poachers because of their antlers.

Power of the Elk

The elk shows us what a powerful animal they are. This shows you that you can be powerful and have inner strength. If you keep seeing an elk, this can mean that you need to look at things in your life and have respect for yourself and others. Keep standing strong and even when things are hard, you will get through it. You will be rewarded for working hard and standing ground.

Dreaming of an Elk

If you have a dream of an elk, it can mean that you are competitive and that someone that you are in a relationship with is competing against you even if you don’t know it. This can show you that you need to be more open to working together but if that isn’t possible then you need to keep your energy high so that they can’t be aggressive towards you. You can outlast someone that is against you if you keep building up your stamina and strength.

Elks and Culture

Elks are known in the spiritual world to be medicine to people. Native American tribes thought that the elk teaches about culture, values, hunting, family, strength, agility and more. Wapiti was the name given to the elk by the Shawnee tribe and this is a symbol of courage in life and in the next life.

The Lakota feel that the elk was a spiritual being and when a male Lakota is born, he was given with an elk tooth that would mean to live longer. Later on, their journey, the Lakota male would look for his other half if he dreamed of an elk and he would paint the elk on his clothes and then try to court a woman. The elk means strength to this culture.

The elk is the state animal for Utah and is on the Michigan seal on their flag. Even the Norse and Scandinavian people believed that you could get the same traits as the elk. This was a good thing because he was considered the “King of the forest,” and was a sign of strength, stamina, and protection.

Spirit Animal

Having the elk as your spirit animal can mean that you need to keep a steady pace in your life. You need to pace yourself or you will get overly tired, and you won’t make it to the end. You need to make sure that you work hard but that you don’t over work and not have any fun or you will be too tired at the end.  Have confidence in what you are doing and meet your goals but also learn to do things for fun.

Find a group of people that can feed into your life and that can help you to accomplish all that you have to do. Don’t be alone and make sure that while you are working hard that you work on your health and your body by eating good food and working out.

The spirit world might be showing you that you have family and friends that are special in your life. You are someone that is brave, and you can face challenges head on and never give up.

Listening to the Elk

The elk is one that can pick up diseases easily and you need to make sure that you are paying attention to your own health when you see an elk. Notice if you don’t feel well or if you need to change something to be healthier.

Consider looking at the elk as a reminder that you should be connected with other people and have good relationships. You shouldn’t be living alone and if you are moody or feeling bad, you need to lighten your mood and find something fun to do.

Just like sickness can spread, so can bad attitudes. Don’t be caught being a bad apple and make sure that you aren’t gossiping or mistreating others. Harming others or yourself can cause you to miss out on the positive things in life.

Seeing an elk can be a positive thing for you and you can see that you can be strong and powerful just like the elk without using trickery to get ahead in life. Elks are prized animals for some, and hunters love them. Make sure that you are setting boundaries, and you aren’t falling prey to hunters that are only worried about their own interests.


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