What Does a Black Cat Mean?

Black Cat

Black cats are often seen as something that is bad and unlucky. This is something that has been manifested for years and years and many times people will avoid black cats because they are afraid of what they mean or what they will bring, especially in October.

The thing about black cats is that there is just an attached stigma to them because of their history of them. Once you understand that a black cat sighting can be something good, you will no longer fear it and you will actually learn to embrace it and hope for it.

History of Seeing Black Cats

The idea of black cats being evil came form the Middle Ages. There was a plague called the Bubonic Plague and during this time the plague was spread by cats. There were many people that were killed because of this. The cats would eat rats that had been infected by the disease and then they would spread it. Because of this, many cats were killed.

In the 13th century, Pope Gregory IX thought that black cats were actually satan and he believed that seeing a black cat meant something dark. Black cats were thought to become witches and since the churches didn’t want witches to be around, seeing a black cat resulted in witch hunts.

Witchcraft is one that works with nature and with animals and so sometimes witches would embrace animals such as black cats and this caused people to believe that cats were full of negative spirits.

Witches were thought to be able to turn into cats and this would cause someone to be afraid when a black cat would cross their path. When people would see a black cat, they would assume that a witch was out doing some kind of spell or that the devil himself was there.

These all-scared people and they believed that seeing a black cat would lead them to bad luck. People that would cross a black cat would be afraid and would go to the church and pay the priest to bless them so that they wouldn’t be cursed by the cat.

Meaning of a Black Cat

Since black cats have such a bad reputation, they often have a bad name for people. Witches were seen as people that were very independent and they would do things with magic that were out of the ordinary. They also would fight against society and social norms.

Cats are also independent creatures and so people would believe that cats were witches, especially the ones that wouldn’t ever listen to their human authority.

Some people believe that black cats are actually positive and good luck. Some places in Europe believe that black cats mean that good fortune is going to happen. There are some people that think that cats will make romantic relationships work better. They also believe that cats make great travel partners.

Black cats and their meaning vary from culture to culture and the point is that black cats aren’t any more or less evil than any other creature.

Seeing a Black Cat

Seeing a black cat doesn’t mean anything bad it just means that you see a cat that has black fur. Black cats don’t do magic and aren’t magical and they are just like any other cat. The idea of black cats being unlucky is just a stigma and this is nonsense.

Black cats should be treated kindly just like other cats and other animals. Whenever you hear someone talking about a black cat bringing bad luck, remember that these are rumors and spread the true knowledge to them so that black cats can be considered for what they are.

Black cat sightings are not negative, and they aren’t magical. They are just something that is made up from cultures around the world with a negative stigma attached. Black cats might want to know you and might want to be close to you and that is a good thing for you. Connect with them and see that they can bring you peace and happiness just like any other animal.


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