Seeing Hawks All Around You


Hawks are birds that are strong and full of spirit. They like to be free, and they are able to see the world from a different perspective. This kind of bird can mean that you need to keep looking forward and you need to leave the past behind you. You need to prepare for a greater thing in your life such as being a leader or becoming a parent. Don’t let your gifts and talents be hidden but let them come out and show the world that you are who you are.

The hawk is a bird that is able to see things far away. They are able to open up their eyes and see things other animals can’t. This is why the hawk is sometimes associated with clairvoyance because people with this gift can see into the spiritual world. The hawk will lead you down the right path and not the wrong path and you need to expand your own life and do great things. Take risks and learn to trust what your mind, body and soul are telling you.

Ancient Times of the Hawk

Ancient Greeks believed that the hawk was associated with the planet Jupiter. This planet is one that changes life and if it is in your tenth house then it means that you need to change your job. If Jupiter is in your second house, then you need to look at your money and you need to see growth coming to you.

Native American tribes would use astrology to signify the hawk. Those that are born between March 21 and April 19 are people that are visionaries. They are able to solve problems and they are able to reach their goals. They also would see the hawk as protectors and guardians.

The Sky God, Horus, was an ancient Egyptian god that would see hawks as sacred animals. They believed that when a person died that they would come back as a hawk.

Celts believed that the hawk was significant and that it told them that they needed to notice their environment. It was a symbol of death or life and if someone was successful when they hunted, like the hawk, then they could live and if they weren’t, they might die of starvation.

Spirit Animal

If you have the hawk as your spirit animal, then you are likely someone that is able to make decisions. This can mean that you need to make changes and you need to get your life in order to be able to move forward towards your goals. The hawk can mean that you need to focus on your life and that you need to open up your psychic gifts. Don’t let psychic vampires take your energies and learn to recognize them. Make sure that you are setting boundaries and like the hawk, protect yourself.

Loving and Caring

The hawk is one that is loving, and they will find a mate that they will keep for the extent of their life. This can mean that you need to notice when psychic vampires come around you to hurt you or to take your energy. They might show you love at first but then you will see that they aren’t out to help you but to hurt you. Notice this and keep your eyes open to what they are trying to do. Another thing the hawk can be telling you is that you need to look at your relationships. Make sure that you find people that care for you and that support you.

Look Around You

Hawks are able to see things all around them and you need to open your eyes up to the bigger picture in life. If you feel stuck and that you aren’t able to move forward, change your perspective and see things different than you did before. This can help you to be able to take the next step towards your goals and to move forward. Focus on seeing the bigger and better picture.

Dreaming of Hawks

Some people will get messages from the hawk spirits in their dreams. When you see a hawk in your dreams, focus on what the hawk is looking at. Once you wake up, notice what you saw and write it in your journal. Let yourself have a clear vision and let yourself concentrate on what you want to know and to see. Expand the thoughts and visions that you have.


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