What Does it Mean to See a Rabbit?


Have you ever wondered why you keep seeing rabbits all around? The rabbit can mean something spiritual for you if it keeps showing up. This animal can mean that you need to overcome fear or that you can be fertile. Do you have strong intuition? If you do, seeing a rabbit can mean that you need to use it and trust it.

Symbols of a Rabbit

A rabbit can mean abundance and if you notice a rabbit working, chances are that you will see that it is storing food so that it can eat when winter comes. Rabbits are healthy and they are active and so they need to make sure that they are saving for the future. If you keep having rabbit sightings then it means that you need to be prepared for the future, too.

Power Animals

Rabbits are smart animals and if they are your power animal then you need to notice what is going on in your life and what problems you are facing. You don’t have to always be brave and tough alone, but you can get help in solving your problems. A rabbit sighting can mean that you can solve your problems, but you need to reach out to your spirit guides to help you.

Be Cautious

A rabbit sone that can overcome fear. The rabbit can show you that if you wait for something to happen and you keep your guard up then you can fight but there are times that you need to rest and relax. Being fearful and feeling paralyzed with fear shows that you know what you have to do sometimes in a problem.

Spirit Animal

The rabbit can be your spirit animal, and this means that you need to be creative. Even if you are busy, you need to take time to be creative and to have fun. Go and paint something or write in your journal. This will help you to feel peace and to be balanced.

Culture and Rabbits

The Chinese believe that the rabbit is a fortunate sign. This is the 12th sign of their zodiac and if you were born in the Year of the Rabbit then you are someone that is kind and approachable. You are noble and you are someone that is able to show beauty.

Rabbits are also thought to be associated with the moon goddess and they are part of Celtic lore. The Goddess Eostre from the name Easter is the moon goddess and this is connected to fertility and the earth being reborn. Eostre becomes a rabbit each time the moon is full, and this is where the easter bunny comes from.

Native American tribes believe that the Great Hare is important, and it is found in many stories. The hare is normally the hero and is the one that is kind of a trickster. The Great Hare also helps to bring fire and will teach shamans how to do sacred rituals.

Rabbit Sightings

If you have rabbits around you or you love rabbits, chances are that the rabbit might be your spiritual animal. They are there to tell you to face your fears and to live your best life. Take time to meditate on the rabbit and to find out what it wants to tell you.


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