Crows and Bad Omens


There are many people that believe that a crow brings bad luck. Sometimes crows are seen as spirits of people. The truth is, not everyone that sees a crow has bad luck and a crow doesn’t always mean danger.

Maybe you wonder what kind of bad luck a crow is supposed to mean, if so, this article can interpret the spiritual signs of crows.

Crows and Bad Luck

Crows are often seen as bad luck because of witchcraft and other negative things that are associated with this bird. If you look poorly on crows, it might cause you to feel afraid when you see one but here is the truth:

Crows Protect Others

One great thing about a crow is that they protect spirts and people. Most people don’t think that crows bring harm but that they are actually protective of people. Some believe that a crow will also protect the things that people have as well.

There are spiritual people that believe that a crow will protect spirits as they cross over to the other side. So, if you see a crow, don’t worry about being attacked but protected. A black crow can mean that you are being defended.

Wise Old Crow

Crows are very wise, and they can change the lives of those that pay attention to them. When you want people to understand you better, try to have the wisdom of the crow. A crow can teach you to be consistent and to be successful. Crows can show you that you can be creative and that there is value when it guides you through life.

Crows and Caution

A crow can show up when you need to be warned about something. It can cause you to take caution and to pay attention to your surroundings. A crow can warn you to pay attention to situations in your life and when you see a crow come by you, it can let you know that you might be sick.

Even though sickness isn’t a good thing, this is something that can give you a heads up so that you can be prepared to handle it.

Strength and the Crow

Another thing that the crow can show you is how strong you are. It can be hard to trust your inner self and your being, but the crow can show you that you can have this strength. If you hear the crow speaking to you then this is a good thing and not bad luck.

Spiritual Knowledge

The crow is a spiritual being, and it can help you to open your spiritual awareness. You will be able to see that there are things inside of you that you can discover and that you can understand more.

Sometimes a crow can lead you to find out more about yourself or it can cause you to get messages from the spiritual world. You will see that you can become more enlightened, and you can see that the crow isn’t bad luck.

Seeing a Crow

Seeing a crow doesn’t mean bad luck but it can mean that you are healthy and that you are looking at life in a positive way. As you watch the crow, you will see that they have strong energy.

Crows and Bad Luck

Crows are not bad luck and even though the black color can mean danger, it can also mean protection against spiritual attacks. When you see a black crow believe that you will be protected and that you will have good things come to your life.

Ravens and Bad Luck

Ravens are not bad luck. There are different proofs throughout books and throughout life that show that the raven isn’t bad luck. The raven was sent even in the Bible to deliver food to people. You can accept the raven as being good luck for you and there to guard you.

Having Crows Around

Crows can come around you and they are a part of nature. You can even keep a crow as a pet and most of them will build nests around your homes.

Being Afraid of a Crow

When you see a crow, you are able to look at its energy and this energy helps you to not be afraid of it. It is most likely there to give you a message and it will guide you and keep you safe from danger that is trying to come into your life.

Final Thoughts

Crows are not there to bring you bad luck and you can have peace when you see them. Trust that the crow can come to you and will not harm you or cause you any kind of danger.


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