Using Self-Hypnosis for Anxiety


Hypnosis is a way that you can relax and where you can calm your mind and let things come to the surface that you would normally not realize was buried in your subconscious. This is something that you can stop, and no one can be hypnotized if they don’t want to.

Feelings and thoughts that we hide in our subconscious mind causes us to have stress and anxiety. This can cause problems that you aren’t even sure where they come from. This is why self-hypnosis can help you. It can help you to relax to the point where you are able to find out the things that are causing you stress and then you can let go of the negativity. You can boost your positivity and once you get used to doing this each day, you will see that it can help you in so many different ways.


Here is how you start with self-hypnosis if you aren’t sure where to begin:

  • Deep Breathing

Make sure that you are in a comfortable place and that you have comfortable clothing on. Start deep breathing so that your heart rate slows down and so that you are in control of how your lungs move. Do this for a minute as you focus just on breathing and being relaxed.

  • Visualization

Visualization can help you to relax and help you to get rid of stress and anxiety. Imagine that you are on a cloud, and you are floating around. This can make you feel safe and as you feel safe and warm, embrace this.

  • Notice Your Thinking

Pay attention to the things that come to your mind. If something negative comes to the surface, don’t get caught in the thought but let them come and go as they want to no matter if they are good or bad thoughts.

  • Let Go of Negativity

After you learn to identify which thoughts are negative, don’t let one of them stay too long in your mind. Let these negative thoughts go and let them fly up to the clouds. Notice if you feel stressed with thoughts that come and then let them fly away. This will clear your mind of negativity and the cloud will absorb the negative feelings.

  • Say Positive Things

Now that you can determine if your thoughts are negative or positive, say something positive. Tell yourself good things about who you are and what situation you are in. Say things like, “I am able to be a peace with myself,” and, “My thoughts help me to live a good life.”  Do this when negative thoughts come and say something positive to break the negative thinking.

  • Have Peace

As you are relaxed, make sure that you are having peace in your life. Do this each day and you will see that self-hypnosis can make you feel peaceful and serene. This allows you to enjoy the space around you and to not have to stay in a place where you are stressed or upset.

When you need to manage your stress, self-hypnosis on a regular basis can help you. You don’t have to spend hours a day doing it, just a few minutes each day can get you feeling great!


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