Butterfly Symbols Explained


Butterflies are more than just creatures that fly around but they have a strong spiritual meaning when you see them. No matter what culture you are from, most people have a spirit attachment to butterflies. If you’re constantly seeing butterflies flying around, this can mean that the spiritual world has a message for you. Find out what that message is.

Symbols of the Butterfly

Butterflies are full of symbolism. No matter what beliefs you have, you know that butterflies change and that is one thing that butterflies represent. They also represent things like being strong, having courage and hope. The butterfly goes from a caterpillar to a butterfly, and this can mean that you will have personal growth or go through some kind of change in your life.

The change that you have can come when your life is hard, and it can help you to have a new beginning. This creature symbolizes the idea of rebirth and new phases in your life, and it can also represent things like happiness, beauty, inspiration, freedom, and other positive things.

The butterfly is there to give you a message and this message is from your spirit guides. They come in different forms and when you need something good such as change and beauty, notice the butterfly.

Kinds of Butterfly Meanings

There are so many butterflies and each of them have different meanings. Some are symbolic based on their colors which can be almost any color. Some are blue or orange or black and have a variety of colors from the rainbow. The meaning behind them can be symbolic based on your culture or what you believe in.

  • What Does a Yellow Butterfly Mean?

Seeing a yellow butterfly can mean you are positive and full of hope. It can mean starting new. Those that see a butterfly of this color often think that it is a loved one watching over them that has passed to the other side. This can also mean someone is loving and supporting you and it can mean strong energies.

  • What Does a White Butterfly Mean?

White means purity and spiritual enlightenment. It means that you are connected to your higher self. Some cultures believe that this butterfly can be connected to different levels of consciousness. The white butterfly can mean an angel is around to bring you comfort and can mean you are strong in your spiritual self.

  • What Does a Black Butterfly Mean?

Black can sometimes mean something negative like negativity or darkness, but a black butterfly means something positive depending on the culture. In some cultures, of course, it can mean death or bad luck but in other cultures it can mean protection and rebirth. Native Americans believe that a black butterfly was sent to protect them when times are hard and when they are ill.

  • What Does a Monarch Butterfly Mean?

This kind of butterfly can mean beauty and change. It represents change in life and tells you to appreciate what life gives you. Native Americans believe that a Monarch means that there is vitality, life, and the sun.

  • What Does a Blue Butterfly Mean?

Blue can mean being calm and inspired. When you see a blue butterfly, it can mean joy and luck. Native Americans see a blue butterfly as a connection to the higher spiritual world. It can also mean having a renewal of the mind or getting healed. When you see this, you need to rest, and you need to make sure to take care of yourself.

  • What Does an Orange Butterfly Mean?

Orange can mean energy and warmth. When you see an orange butterfly you are probably passionate and creative. Orange butterflies can mean change and in the Native American culture. It can mean vitality and reminds you to be active and positive.

  • What Does a Purple Butterfly Mean?

Purple is a color that means mystical things and spirituality. When you see a purple butterfly, this can mean you are being comforted when times are hard. The Native American culture believes that purple butterflies mean wisdom and preservation. It can also mean that you need to be self-aware.

Butterflies and Cultures

There are so many cultures that have found butterflies to be important such as the African culture or the Mesoamerica culture. They interpret the butterfly symbolism differently than some other cultures.

  • Mesoamerican Cultures and Butterflies

In this culture, butterflies can mean that they are messengers from gods. It also can mean change, rebirth and that the ancestors have come back in the form of the butterfly. Aztecs believe that the soul of their ancestors go into the butterfly, and they bring change while the Maya think that the butterfly goes to the souls of the dead to guide them through their journey. The symbolic meaning of the butterflies in this culture are all linked with spirituality and life after death.

  • Native American Culture and Butterflies

In the Native American culture, butterflies represent growth and strong spiritual connections. They symbolize change and growth and even when hard times come, this growth is important. Butterflies are also considered messengers between the earth and the spiritual realm. They symbolize prayers being carried, hope, positivity, and freedom. They also symbolize guidance and transformation.

  • African Culture and Butterflies

Butterfly meanings can be different depending on the culture. In the African culture they symbolize grace and beauty. They also are a symbol of luck and prosperity. The change that people go through is part of life and in some culture sin Africa, they link between the physical and spiritual realm and represent the souls getting messages from the butterflies after they die.

Spiritual Meaning of the Butterfly

The Butterfly is associated with growth and change. When you see butterflies, it can mean that you should have hope and you should understand rebirth and changes in life. The changes that a butterfly goes through can symbolize the changes that you will go through and that these changes are positive. The spiritual meaning of butterflies tells you that your journey can evolve and put you on the right path.

When You See A Butterfly

You might see a butterfly when you have lost a loved one and they want to remind you that they are still with you.

Butterflies Flying in Groups

Butterflies in groups can mean long life and they can also represent love that never dies. This is sometimes used in some cultures as a symbol of marriage.

Dreaming of a Butterfly

When you see a butterfly in your dream it can mean things like:

  • Change is just like a caterpillar going to a butterfly.
  • Signs of success.
  • Relative is coming to you or sending you a message.
  • You need to love things that are simple in your life.
  • You will experience romance.
  • You need to be open.
  • It can mean a resurrection after death.

Seeing a Dead Butterfly

When you see a dead butterfly, it can mean:

  • You need to renew your connection to the spiritual world.
  • You need to be free from your cocoon and get rid of negative patterns.
  • You aren’t expressing what you need to express.
  • You need to encourage yourself.
  • You have a strong spiritual gift that you haven’t found yet.

Seeing a Butterfly Over and Over Again

Seeing butterflies over and over can mean that the universe is trying to give you a sign such as:

  • You are in the middle of change.
  • You aren’t done with your journey yet.
  • You are encouraged to see things from a different point of view.
  • You have strong vibrations when life is hard.
  • You need to not take life for granted.

Getting a Spiritual Reading

Do you want to understand your life more? Do you find that you know there are symbols, but you don’t know what kind of message the butterfly is trying to give you? While you can find a lot of information online, the best way to get the information that you want is through a psychic reading. They can guide you and they can help you to understand what the butterfly means for you.

The butterfly is very symbolic and can mean things from positivity, purity, spiritual enlightenment and more. The butterfly will impact your life and as you find yourself staring at butterflies constantly, know that this has a meaning for your life and the best thing that you can do is to find out what that meaning is for you.


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