What Does it Mean to See a Snake?


Most animals don’t cause people to have as strong of feelings as a snake does. The symbol of the snake is different depending on religion, culture, and other things. There are multiple stories and myths that evolve around snakes.

Snakes don’t normally just attack people, but people are often afraid of snakes. If you see a snake, you might need to remember though that these animals are very powerful and that they might be a message from the spiritual world.

Getting Rid of the Past

When you see a snake, you might see that this can be a sign that you need or are in the midst of a spiritual growth. You will see that your senses are waking up and you might even be getting rid of old habits that are holding you back. Some people will also get rid of possessions that are keeping them from growing.

Animals come in different ways and when they are symbolic, it can be a time to change your life. The thing is, you have to look at the messages that the animals have for you. You might see that there needs to be a change in your life or in your spirit.

Seeing a snake can mean that it is time for you to awaken and to change. It can be a time to stay grounded and to make sure that you use nature to help you. The elements such as air, fire, water, and earth can help to guide you and as you show your respect to the snake, you will see that you can respect your journey.

Message of the Snake

The phyiscal parts of a snake can have a spiritual meaning. As you look at a snake, it is important to look at your own life. It is important to look at the way that you are living and see if there are changes that you need.

Snakes are reptilians and this means that they have no legs and that they have to move their body a certain way to move. Snakes are cold-blooded and this means that they need the sun and other outside things to help them to stay warm.

As a snake grows, the skin will shed. This happens because it no longer fits. When the snake loses its skin, it is vulnerable at that time because its body changes and it can be exposed to the elements in a stronger way.

As the snake sheds, your spirit might need to expand as well. You will see that if you are living a new life, this can be hard at first.

The snake will love its new skin and is aware of what is going on around it. It can see, smell and will even follow vibrations to know how to move and which path to take. Seeing a snake means that you need to be more aware of your own skills as a human, including your psychic gifts.

The snake is able to follow a certain path. Just like you should be finding the right path of opportunities in your life. As you do this, be aware of where you are going and what your intentions are. Your beliefs should be powerful, and you should see your life from the positive and negative side of things. Make sure that you are focusing on your life and being aware of negativity that needs to change.

Spirit Animal

If you feel that you are one with the snake, chances are that it might be your spirit animal. This can happen if you have recently gone through hard changes. You might see that you are able to adapt better to changes than other people and just like the snake losing its skin, this can be a reborn of your life.

You probably have things that help others heal and some talents that help you to show and help others build their energies. People have self-confidence that can bring comfort in life. You will see that you can keep growing and being more aware in your life.

Symbol of the Snake

The snake is a powerful symbol, and it can mean that you tell the truth or that you are wise and a healer. It can also mean that there is danger or ruin in your future.

Medical Symbol of the Snake

The two-snake symbol is part of the healing logo in medicine. Some believe that the snake might even have some human DNA.

Snake in Tarot Cards

The Two of Cups has a couple that are exchanging cups in a marriage. Between them is the Caduceus which is a snake that means balance and healing energies.

Snakes and Chakras

If you have ever heard of the Kundalini, this is an energy that can help you to reach your higher self. This is a picture of a snake at the base of the spine. This is part of your chakra, and it is when you are awakened and enlightened and the energies go up through the Kundalini to the crown chakra.

Celts and Snakes

People that were Celts loved the snake. They believed that when the snake shed its skin, it has the power to reach the knowledge of the universe.

Native Americans and Snakes

Native Americans believe that snakes have to do with fertility and birth. They believe that the snakes can be lethal such as the Cherokee legend and that people should respect and love the snake.

Seeing a Snake

Have you seen a snake, or do you see snakes regularly? This can mean that you need to connect with your spiritual side. You need to look at the good with the bad and you need to make sure that you are looking at the process of your spiritual growth.

Dreaming of Snakes

When you dream of a snake, it can mean a positive or negative dream. What is going on in your dream? What is the snake doing? Is it about to strike you? If so, it can mean that your life is in some kind of danger.

If the snake is laying around or being peaceful, this can mean that you need to take quiet action and that you need to make a calm change.


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