You Might Be a Lightworker

You Might Be a Lightworker

If you have ever felt that you are different from peers in thought and action or are intense, have huge life shifts, and can see into the future, then you may be training as a lightworker. There are several signs that can point to just this.

  • You have a strong desire to continually learn and be more understanding
  • The profoundness of life is something that you strongly believe in
  • Your energy shifts dramatically and at extreme levels
  • The deepest questions of life matter to you at deep levels
  • You have a strong belief system rooted in justice and righteousness
  • You assess situations in extremes, too little or too much when dilemmas arise
  • You foresee future events
  • You are often disillusioned because earthly things are unfulfilling
  • You over think often with extreme sensitivity, often getting overly emotional
  • You see repeated number patterns throughout the day and night (111, 333, 555)
  • You are focused on personal transformation to be better, while still lending a helping hand.

Each of these signs point to being a lightworker in training and that you are ready to meet God.


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