What Do Lady Bugs Mean?

Lady Bugs

People that work in their gardens in the summer time will often see the shiny spotted winged ladybug that will land around them. It might walk on the flowers or fly around you. When this happens, it means good luck. But what does the ladybug really represent in your life and what kind of luck does it mean for you if you see this bug?

Ladybugs are insects that are part of the beetle family. Some countries call them ladybirds. If you want to know what a male ladybug is, it is just a ladybug, and the name doesn’t change no matter the sex.

Even though this is a beetle, there is more to it than a pesky insect that bothers the flowers and lays colonies around the gardens, but this is an insect that protects the garden. Many gardeners in America will go and buy ladybugs so that they can have their garden to stay strong.

When you see these ladybugs in your garden, they will often return year after year to the same place.

In some countries such as Turkey and Italy, the ladybug is an insect that means you should make a wish and see it come true. You can do this by holding the ladybug easily and not killing it and make a wish. Watch it as it flies away so that you don’t see it anymore and this can bring you luck. It can also mean that good weather is coming your way.

A ladybug that you see over and over again can mean that you will get money coming to you or other good luck.

There are more than 6,000 different kinds of ladybugs around the world and so there are different thoughts about how ladybugs bring luck. Some do not have the black spots, and some have different traits. This can mean that the symbol of the ladybug is different depending on where you are. Some use this as a sign of protection and one thing we know is that the ladybug will protect you or bring you luck no matter what country you see it.

Orange Ladybug

The orange ladybug is one that can bring you luck, but it represents more than just luck. This bug will represent change and being brave. The orange color makes it a chance for you to have easy change and you need to pay attention to the change that is coming.

Yellow Ladybug

The yellow ladybug is one that you will notice, and it can mean that you are spiritual and that you are moving forward. Yellow ladybugs can mean that you will find love or that you will get into a new relationship that is good.

Black Ladybug

The black ladybug is one that will scare some people because they believe that it is bad luck. The truth is that these are ones that should make you happy. The colors are the ones that will help you to have good energies and you will thrive and have extra good luck when you see one.

White Ladybug

The white ladybug can mean that you are working towards your wish and that it is going to come towards you. You will move forward and have success in your life.

Ladybug without Spots

Ladybugs that don’t have spots can mean that you will have success in the harvest. This can also mean love. It can mean that you are going to find your soulmate and that good things are coming your way.

Two Ladybugs Together

If you see two ladybugs together it can tell you that your partner is on its way. Get ready to have a great relationship and prepare your life for something great. Be prepared to be together with someone and to have a special bond.

Dead Ladybugs

When you see a dead ladybug according to the Celtic tradition this is bad luck. You must make sure that you don’t kill a ladybug because if you do it can bring you death. A dead ladybug that you didn’t kill can just be there to tell you that you need to move forward away from something and bring change in your life.

Spiritual Meaning of the Ladybug

Ladybugs can remind you that you are lucky, and that good luck is coming your way. If one lands on you, it can mean that the luck is on its way now.

If a ladybug lands on you it can mean that your guide Juno is close to you and is there to keep you safe from disease and sickness. This means that you should be rejoicing over yourself and your guide because they are keeping you safe.

Other times the landing of a ladybug can mean that money luck is coming to you.

Dreaming About Ladybugs

When you dream about a ladybug it can mean that luck, money, or love is coming to your life. The dream can mean that you are going to get good new from someone. When you see a ladybug awake or in your dream, it can mean good things in any situation.

Ladybugs with No Spots

Unless you are used to seeing ladybugs in your room, seeing one that comes into your room can mean that you are going to have a new relationship, or you are going to have a child.

Ladybug Spirit Animal

The ladybug as your spirit animal can mean that your life is going to be full of luck and blessings. It can mean that your life is going to change for the good and that you will benefit the hard work that you do in your life. This can mean that you are going to help others and that you are going to see your hopes and dreams come true. Ladybugs are a great totem animal to have in your life.


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