Ways to Connect to Your Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are there to help you with all of your life adventures. These are spirits that are here to guide you and to help you to live your best life. In order to really communicate with your guardian angels, you need to interact with them and get to know them. Here are ways to get to know them better:

Know Their Names

Go to a place where you like to meditate and take time to be quiet. Stay still and let your mind think of nothing. Ask your guides to give you, their name. The angels will tell you a name and it will be in your mind.

If you don’t feel a name is coming to you, your angels might want you to name them on your own. You can pick a name that makes you feel closer to them. Coming up with your own name can help you to feel peace and love to your spirit guide.

Once you know your guides name, write it down and use it to make sure that you are connecting to them as much as you can.

Ask for a Sign

Your angels love to give you signs so that they can help to make your life better. They want you to know that they are around. Ask your angels to send you a sign that you can see. This can be a sign that you see with your eyes or one that you hear.

When you get your sign, write it down. This can be a dream, someone coming in your life that you don’t expect, a new business opportunity or a great situation.

Sing a Song

Take time to write and sing a song to your angels. This can help your soul to connect to your angels. Have a strong emotion when you want to connect with them. When you make up your own lyrics, make it all about your feelings.

Dedicating a song to your guardian angel means that you are calling them. You might hear this song on the radio and that could mean that your angels want to let you know that they are there. It should make you feel loved and cared for.

Write a Letter

You can write your guardian angels a letter. Start it out by saying, “Dear Guardian Angel,” and then let them know how you feel. You can also ask your guides to help you with anything in your life that you need help with.

Show your angels what you are feeling, the visions that you are having and the opportunities that you are about to face. If you need guidance, write down what you need and let your angels help you.

Final Thoughts

There are a team of guardian angels that are there to help you and you can connect with them by praying, singing a song, journaling, talking to them and doing whatever makes you feel closer to them.


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