Using Feng Shui to Deal with Negative Energies

Using Feng Shui to Deal with Negative Energies

Feng shui in your home is there to help the qi flow. This is the energy behind the life force and when you need to have healing or energies that are not negative, you can use the qi to make things better. Looking at a river can help you to feel healthy and strong, but a pool of water is one that holds sickness because of bacteria. Negative energies can cause there to be losses, problems, and hardships along the way.

The negative energies come from negative qi, and this can happen in your home because the people that lived there before you might have been negative. Negative qi can fill a home because of bad attitudes and because of the life space that you live in.

Do not have fear and do not worry about the negative energies in your home, instead, take time to change your home around and upgrade it so that you can shift negative energies to positive ones.


If you have energy that is negative that has come into your home, you need to see if your furniture is in the commanding position.

This means that your bed should be facing the door without being in front of it, along with all of the other furniture such as your stove and your desk. You can put this in a diagonal position to have it in the best spot.

This can change your qi totally by just repositioning your bed.


Even though we cannot touch or feel sound, sound can move throughout your house and take the negative energies and turn them into something positive.

Play an instrument in your home or sing. Do this from the heart. Use singing bowls or crystal singing bowls.

Make a ritual of sound by walking around your house clockwise by playing some kind of sound.


Oranges can help to get rid of negative energies fast. These are bright in color, and they have the yang energies. The smell of the orange is one of the most powerful scents and you can use this scent to keep away the negative energies of the qi.

Put out a bowl of oranges on your table or get orange essential oil mist and spray it around your house.

Clear the Spaces

Try to make sure that you keep your house clear and that you use sage to smudge out the energies. This is a ritual that can help you to clear out negative energies. Do this often or when you feel negative energies around you.

Try to open up the windows and let out the negative energy or spray a sage mist around your home.

Moving the Qi

Negative qi can get stuck around your home. When the negative energies are not moving, you might feel stuck in one place.

The qi is always going around and around and is rotating and so if you want to move this around, move the furniture and change the way that your pictures or vases are sitting.

Get the qi moving so that it is not growing stagnant.

Negative Objects

There are negative energies that can be invited into your house. This can happen by you or by someone else. If you go antique shopping, chances are that your items can hold on to negative energy that will come in with the object.

If you have someone that is going through a divorce, the negative legal process can invade your home.

You can let go of these objects and it will help to get rid of some of the negative energies in your home. Try to smudge the space and clear it so that it can get rid of bad emotions.

Live Plants

Plants can soak up negative energies around your home and can bring healing to your area. Put some green plants around your house that are living and see the negativity go away.

The best plant that you can get to get rid of negative energy is the snake plant. This is one that looks like swords and can protect your home.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a crystal that is a grounding crystal. It is also good to get rid of negative energy. You can use a grid of protection and put crystals in all four corners of your home and put the crystal in the center of the grid to keep you protected.


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