A shaman is a clairvoyant in many ways.

It is used to refers to a person who has divine abilities i.e. the power to see the future.

Psychic originates from Greek word Psykhikos, meaning of the soul spirit or mind.

The truth is that we are all  of the soul, spirit, and mind, therefore, the word psychic indicates a reference to a condition of humans.

That means we are all psychic as we have undergone some of these experiences. The word has really changed and is mainly used to refer to people with special skill in regard to the psyche.

In the current world, a psychic is just a person who communicates with the psyche of another individual.

Psyche is used to refer to the same aspect as a psychic. The shaman, therefore, is an individual who has created a relationship between themselves and their psyche, mainly through self-brooding.

Definition of psyche

There are multiple answers to this question. But we can refer to the psyche as the soul.

The soul is usually considered as the collection of all our body parts. It is linked to the body, spirit, and mind.

Psyche refers to the soul and the two words can be used interchangeably

Talking about the mind, we have both conscious and unconscious minds, which are both parts of the soul. These two operate within the boundaries of the soul.


There are like 18 components that make up the soul, and all these parts are aware of themselves and the others.

Comparisons can be made to a street with different apartments, and some neighbors know each other while others do not. Due to this nature of the soul, we end up with traits like ignorance, confusion and many other peculiar human behavior.

How to know you’re Psychic

Psychic refers to an individual who has established table relationships with the aspects of themselves internally.

They may have intuition, a type of communication coming from the unconscious region. They might be dreamers, who get information in their dreams, which they then look into, making it conscious.

Others, like the shaman, are able to shift themselves into the form of a different facet, providing themselves with a different point of view, which they carry back to the normal consciousness.

Whichever means is used, the basis is created on an internal relationship, and then external association comes later.

The shaman has a stable foundation with himself. And this aspect of the soul allows the switch between internal and external time and space.

It   able to visit the future, collect information about future occurrences.

It then lets the shaman know the outcome.

The shaman, therefore, is possession of  information about events that are yet to occur.  The client then pays the shaman for this information and then becomes aware of these events.

The client cant does this on their own due to an underdeveloped relationship between themselves.

It can be compared to calling the bank to check your balance

They will do it for you since you can’t do it by yourself as you lack access to their computer systems, and you will pay for it. However, with some training and acquiring access, you could just do it by yourself via internet banking.

Therefore the psychic focuses on their internally developed skills in order to access information that those with poor relationships cannot.

Its very simple

However, there exist other considerations that are more crucial that ability.

If you lack accuracy, it makes no sense of being a psychic. There exist both bad and great psychics. A great one is always accurate and improves other people’s lives

Psychics without accuracy do not only give a bad performance but lack ethics as well

as individuals without the ability to read their own souls, usually turn to those who claim they can. This involves trust and is very holy to a shaman.

Giving wrong information is the worst kind of act, and a bad psychic is really bad. They just say whatever comes into their mind without consideration of the audience.

The shaman and generally good psychics hate this cause they can cause a lot of damage. Anyone who entrusts a psychic needs to know the truth, even if it means the psychic has no answer.

Alignment with ones souls is one key point in becoming a good psychic or shaman. It requires practice and scientific operation, keeping records of received information and waiting on the occurrence of the predicted events.

Through trial and error, over some time, then they are able to differentiate between accurate and inaccurate information. This requires very huge efforts.

A great psychic will analyze the inaccurate data over time in order to determine the root cause, and might still be only 50% right.

He, therefore, knows when he receives poor information and only selects the accurate information that he passes over to the client.

They know their boundaries and do not fill in the gaps with inaccurate information.

Are Shamans also considered as psychic?

if you consider yourself a shaman, you must possess some psychic abilities.

A shaman is defined as a soul worker, and they will not be able to work with the soul if they can’t establish communication with it.

Effectiveness is gauged in relation to the synchronicity  between their external and internal artifacts

Great shamans live a  balanced life and are rarely surprised. They also adjust to reality very fast. They possess internal peace due to their well-developed relationships. This differentiates great and bad psychics or shamans.

Putting your trust in a confused psychic will only get you more confused.

A great psychic will guide you towards the truth and lead you on the right path.


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