The Most Faithful Zodiac Signs

Faithful Zodiac Signs

Have you ever cheated on your partner or are you faithful? People often look at cheaters and give them all of their focus. There are signs you can look for that your partner is cheating but it can be a bad situation if you are always expecting a cheater when you are in a relationship.

Cheating can be toxic, but it can be an addiction to those that cheat. Once they do it, they often want more even if it is hurting someone along the way.

Do you have a partner that is honest and loving towards you? If you don’t think that he is hiding things in your relationship, then he probably isn’t. When someone tells you things that are private, they probably will tell you just about anything.

Listen to your intuition and let it guide you because sometimes you will miss that someone is cheating because there are no signs.

Faithful Signs of the Zodiac

There are some signs that are very faithful, and they include:


The Cancer is one of the signs that are very faithful because they believe in their partner and relationship, and they are secure. They want to find their soulmate and when they do they trust them and don’t ever think of cheating themselves.


The Scorpio is one that will sometimes be hard to get close to. They keep their guard up for a long time. They are very faithful and the relationships that they get into are ones that have a strong connection.

If you break the Scorpio’s trust though, they will be ready to get revenge on you and they will never trust you again. Make sure that you are faithful, or you will regret it.


The Capricorn is one that is one of the most faithful signs. They are happy when they are in a relationship, and they look to the future. They will not do anything to hurt their partner and if they are unhappy, they will just end the relationship and not cheat.


The Virgo is one that is very faithful. They are practical and they know that they would get caught or catch you if you cheated. They have a hard time finding a partner because they expect a lot out of someone they are going to be with.


The Taurus would accuse their partner of cheating but would never cheat themselves. They are someone that will keep a person in their life as long as they can. They are very jealous, and they might think their partner is not being faithful even if they are.


The Leo is a faithful partner, but they could cheat if you aren’t giving them enough attention. If they feel that you aren’t about them or you are ignoring them then they might cheat. They don’t believe in it, but it could happen.


The Pisces love to flirt with other people but they would never cheat with their partner. They are faithful partners and will forgive you if you mess up, over and over. They are very emotional and if they cheat it is normally an emotional affair.


The Libra is a balanced person, and they are faithful. They get bored fast though and would rather end a relationship rather than breaking up and having strong emotions. If they do cheat, they feel that they have a good reason for it.


The Aries are faithful, but they get bored sometimes if they aren’t getting what they need. They love sex and they want to have a partner that will meet their needs. If you ask if they are cheating, they will deny it, but they will find a partner that would meet their sexual needs.


A Gemini could cheat but they would be so sneaky that it would take their partner a long time to find out. They are very sneaky and smart, and they are able to hide whatever they are doing. They change their minds often and they sometimes get bored and move on.


The Sagittarius is an unfaithful sign. They do things for themselves, but they don’t like hurting others. They don’t like to be tied down to one partner and even though they try to be faithful, they might not be if they feel trapped.


The Aquarius is one that wants to have an open relationship. They are an unfaithful sign because they don’t like to be in traditional relationships. They like to try new things, be with different partners and don’t like to be told what to do.


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