Take a Chance on Me


Popular songs say that love is all we need. However, when we’re facing piles of bills, kids that need rides to and from school, and a variety of other responsibilities, sometimes we feel like all we really need is a million dollars and a really long nap. Love is an extraordinary feeling, and it can make the mundane aspects of our everyday lives much easier to handle.

Falling in love with another person has inspired books, poetry, songs, movies, and grand romantic gestures. We feel like our best selves when we find a partner that we trust with our entire being. Demonstrating true love to another person can be the ultimate way to move through life together.

There are moments that we think we have irrevocably lost someone we love, or that we have missed the chance to connect with our soulmate. We might be afraid of this kind of passionate love, or we might have made a mistake that cost us the trust of that other person.

Here are five reasons why you should never give up on love:

1.       It’s worth the risk. Love is risky, and it can be scary. No one likes to be rejected by someone they care deeply about. However, the rewards can be an extraordinary life in love with the right person.

2.       Don’t let them be the one that got away. There usually is one person in the back of our minds that makes us think, what if? What if they hadn’t moved, what if we hadn’t left? You might not feel like love has passed you by until years later. Pursuing that lost love is worth it in order to have no regrets and no unanswered questions left.

3.       Love is messy, and it doesn’t always make sense. You might be required to relocate, or change jobs, or sacrifice something else for the love of your life. These sacrifices might seem like they aren’t worth it at the time, but keep the bigger picture in mind. You can always find a job, but you can’t always find someone who makes you feel complete.

4.       Don’t let love pass you by. It might be out of your comfort zone, but when you find a person who lights your heart on fire, you owe it to yourself to go after them. Hold on and never let go of this kind of love- who knows what could end up happening?

5.       Love is the ultimate excuse. Forgot to call your mom this week? You’re in love! Missed a coffee date with your friend? Don’t worry, you’re in love. People excuse all sorts of behavior when their loved one is excited about a new relationship. They’ll understand if you’re not around for a little while; after all, you are distracted by a great new person.


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