Signs You are an Old Soul

Signs You are an Old Soul

Do you ever wonder if you are an old soul? When people talk about being an old soul, they are talking about people that seem to have knowledge beyond their years. They are people that are mature, are able to have their life in order, grounded and are often spiritual. An old soul probably will have different psychic powers and giftings.

Old souls are people that have reincarnated from past lives and so they have lived a lot longer than many people on the earth. They are people that have come basically in a circle of life and they are repeating it over again.

Signs of Being an Old Soul

  • You are able to change the perspective of how you see things. You are not affected by problems because you know that they can be solved easily.
  • People come to you when they need to have some kind of advice. You are the go-to person because you give good information. Giving information is something that comes natural to you.
  • You choose a different path than other people and you are not a follower. You do not give in to peer pressure and you are sometimes seen as rebellious.
  • People often tell you that you seem older than you are. You feel that you are older than all of your friends and the friends that you like to keep around are a lot older than you are.
  • You know that life is not forever, and you see things differently than other people do.
  • You are not into material things. You appreciate the things that you have but you do not try to go after more and more and you are happy with smaller things in life.
  • You love to be wise and to learn new things. You reflect on truth and you have knowledge more than other people.
  • You forgive others easier than most and you do not hold grudges.
  • You are grateful for everything that you have, and you appreciate the little things in your life.
  • Life is a spiritual journey for you and you just want to grow and to find your inner being. You want to be closer to your spiritual being and discover who you are.
  • Death does not scare you and you know that there is something beyond this world. You believe in the spiritual sense of life and you embrace that life has more.
  • You know that you have a mission and a passion in your life, and you accept your passion as part of your growth.


If you are an old soul, you may have one or more of the traits above. Learn to embrace who you are and to gain knowledge from the world around you. The universe wants to see you grow and to become your better self.

Embrace who you are and challenge your life to be better.


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