Signs that a Soul Healing is Needed

Signs that a Soul Healing is Needed

Consider the following scenario. Throughout the day and night, a feeling of unwellness seems to cloud over you. Sleeping at night may be a struggle which means that days leave you irritable and sluggish due to lack of sleep. Perhaps chronic indigestion and other stomach issues make you worry that something deeper may be going on, but doctors can find nothing. This can last for weeks or months as you almost inhale coffee as a way just to stay semi-functional.

If someone could tune into your energy, it is likely they would not find anything physically as an issue either. This is not likely something a doctor simply overlooked, but the problem could go much deeper. It could be that the stress in your life over a current personal or public situation is showing up in physical symptoms. Even something such a current political climate can cause some people to be so stressed that poor digestion, insomnia, anxiety, and acid reflux can be seen. A focus on the world’s situation can make us feel powerless to do anything about violence, the planet failing, intolerance, and much more. This bombards us daily on television and social media.

This could be bothering a problem that is buried deep down from childhood. If someone grows up in an abusive home, one that has addicts in charge, or even with anger and hostility in general, instability and chaos are felt and can resurface in world events. Even when someone makes a calm, serene life as an adult, the chaos of the outside can reactivate issues. This can impact us physically, spiritually, and mentally. The good news is that soul healing can fix these issues.

Allowing someone who is well versed in soul healing to help can aid someone in energetically identifying and release repressed pain and trauma, allowing for healing. Along with this, learning some tools to help stem the incoming information so that they can be more manageable is also helpful. This can easily lead to better sleep with other physical symptoms disappearing. This just shows that old feeling and emotions can become trapped in the body and be triggered by events later in life. Many have these types of symptoms and are not even aware of the cause.

Signs of a Need for Soul Healing

  • A persistent illness that continues regardless of how many doctors are seen or remedies attempted.
  • A feeling of running without getting anywhere or reaching set goals
  • Disconnection and detachment, almost like sleep walking both physically and mentally
  • A nagging, persistent feeling that something important has been missed and needs addressed.

Healing the symptoms is not enough if the problem is soul based. The true healing of the spirit must come from within. Counseling and mental health professionals can help, but can only go so far unless the client will face their fears and past emotional issues. The good news is, there are many techniques that can help with this spiritual healing. As you heal, you can help others to heal as well.


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