Sending Healing Energy from Afar

Healing Energy

Reiki energy is a powerful yet soft energy that can help people to heal. This is something that started in Japan and is considered a healing that is often done by touching others. When a person is in a reiki session, the energy of healing goes from the person doing reiki to the person that is sick or needs a healing.

When getting this energy, chances are that the person will feel their body get warm as the energy moves throughout. A great thing to know though is that reiki energy doesn’t have to be hands on. There doesn’t have to be warmth in the person to have the energy heal them.

Each time can be different depending on who is getting the session done, while some may feel warmth, others might just feel relaxed and calm.

Sending Reiki from Afar

Even though reiki is usually done with the hands, it is possible to send this energy from afar to someone that is sick. Since reiki energy reaches all places of the universe, sending this energy through meditation and visualization is possible.

You can think of the person that you need to send the energy to and imagine light flowing through them. Imagine this being like touching them or hugging them. Reiki from a distance can raise the vibrational frequency of the person getting the healing.

You can send energy to people and someone that is a reiki master might even be able to send a certain amount of energy to make sure that the healing takes place. This is a practice that has been used for years and years and is very known to many cultures.

When the reiki master is really tuned into the energy, they can send healing energy to someone from afar.

Sending the Energy

All things are made from energy and the energy that goes around a person can change. As we think on a person or a thing, the energy around them will change.

We can use our heart and our mind to send energy to others and this can even be from far away. All you have to do is have an open mind and be in a good emotional place.

Having positive feelings is what can help to send this energy to someone that needs it. You can imagine or visualize the person that needs the healing energy. You might see some kind of light surrounding them and you can imagine this being a healing light. Let the light wash through them.

You can imagine them having positive energy and positive emotions because of this light. This is a pure energy and is one that can help to heal and bring peace.

When You Send Reiki Energy

Reiki energy can be sent when you tune into the energy around you. Learn what the reiki masters do and be ready to be open to the energy field of others. You can connect with the energy of the universe.

Once you do this, get rid of blockages that might be holding you back from using the reiki energy. This is something that can change and become easier as you practice. You must first have self-healing before you can send others healing.

There are symbols in reiki that can help you to connect with the energies around you. This is what allow you to send the energy to other people. As you get a stronger vibration, you will see that you can tune into the healing energy on your own.

Do They Know?

You might wonder if someone knows if you are sending them healing energy. The person that gets this energy can feel different things or not even feel anything, but it is important to ask them if you can do this before doing it.

If they give you permission, it is much easier to send reiki energy to them and it won’t be harmful but helpful. When you don’t ask them, the energy might not be as good, and it might not do what you need it to do.

Tips for Reiki Distance Healing

There are different things that you can do to get the reiki energy to others:

  • Hold a picture of the person you are sending the healing energy to. Imagine them getting the energy in the form of light.
  • Use reiki symbols that you learn as you take reiki classes.
  • Write the name of the person you want to send the energy to and then imagine the energy going from your paper to that person.
  • Use an object that the person loves to send the energy from the object to the person.

How Long Does It Take?

Reiki energy healing can take different times and there is no set amount of time. As the energy flows, the first thought that you have to this person starts sending the energy. You can do this for the amount of time that you want.

As your energy moves, the emotions that you feel are what is sending the reiki, and this means that it is probably working.

What are the Benefits?

There are benefits of distance reiki healing such as the fact that you can’t always be with someone that needs you. If you have someone that you love that is sick at home or in a hospital, you can send this healing energy to them.

Some can receive the energy better than others and as you become more powerful in how you send it, you will see that they can get the healing energy that they want.

Why Do Reiki Healing?

You can do distance healing to help those that you cannot be with. This is energy that can go to your friends or your family. You can even do this if you are a reiki master, and your client cannot come into the office.

Imagine how great this healing is and let your practice work to make others feel good in their life and to heal their mind, body and soul.


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