Raising Your Vibrations

Raising Your Vibrations

When You raise your vibrations, did you know that this can affect your life even today? Raising your vibrations means that you are able to raise your mood and to make your emotions happier and more loving. You want to be happy and when your vibrations are low, it can make you feel fearful or destructive.

Having high vibrations can mean that you are having feelings of happiness and joy. Everyone has the opportunity to be positive and negative and your goals should be to reach a higher emotional state so that you can have bliss, joy and even unconditional love.

Anything that you do in your life can create a happy outlook for you be it mental, spiritual or physical. When you raise your vibrations, you are committed to allowing your mood to increase and for you to reach a higher level of peace and love.

When you let the space expand around you, it makes your life more enjoyable and happier over time. What happens when you raise your vibration will depend on who you are.

Benefits of Having High Vibration

Here are some ways that increasing your vibrations can help you:

  • It allows you to forgive people easier.
  • It helps you to have joy and to smile more.
  • You can accept things in life rather positive or negative.
  • You have an emotional state which can be positive.
  • Your intuition increases and you can gain access to information in your inner being.
  • You are able to prevent circumstances that are negative and make your life more positive.
  • You can change your mood and change how you feel.
  • You will feel stronger, loving and confident.
  • You can get away from things that are bad in your life.
  • You can understand your life more and be a better person.
  • You can find a purpose.
  • It makes it easier for you to appreciate your beauty.
  • It can help you be thankful.
  • It is easier for you to reach your chakras.
  • Your perspective can change and make your life fuller.

There are many reasons that you will want to raise your vibrations and when this happens, people will be nicer to you.

Raising your vibrations means that your life will improve and that your emotions will not be so affected by your environment.

When you have stronger vibrations, you can be free from things that come to you in your life and you can learn to accept them and you will see that you can change between your emotions and your spiritual being.

The more you commit to improving yourself, the more your vibrations will increase, and you will be happier in your life.

Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

There are different ways you can improve your vibrations and one way is with crystals. Crystals work by giving you an electric charge and even though this is small, larger stones can have a stronger energy field.

When you use crystals to raise your vibrations, you will use ones that are mostly translucent, and they will help to absorb energy. These stones can be light in color such as Selenite, Moonstone or Herkimer Diamonds.

The darker stones are more positive and help to ground you so you can use stones such as Carnelian to raise your vibrations and to help protect yourself.

The best crystals to raise your vibrations are ones that you can gaze into and they calm you and make you smile. Pick up your crystals and see which ones make you feel happy and which ones soothe and relax you.

If your crystal soothes you then you can use it to raise your vibrations. You can use crystals by wearing them or putting them in your pocket or under your pillow in your life.

Oracle Cards

Words can help to tone your energy and when you are emotional or your heart is changing, using a divination deck can help you to have peace and to not be afraid of things.

A peaceful Oracle deck is one that has pictures of plants or earth, even animals.

Lucky Tings

Each day you should get up and say things like these:

  • I look forward to my day.
  • I am excited for new experiences.
  • I am fortune for the things that I have in my life.
  • I am very thankful for the people in my life.
  • I enjoy things differently than I did in the past.

If you start feeling like you have no time or you are feeling angry, change your technique and ask your spirit guides to help you. You can raise your vibrations from low to high to help you change your experiences. Practice saying five positive things at least three times a day.

Once you do this for a long period of time you will see that you have positive moments and that you can use the law of attraction on your side.


Your environment can help you on your journey and if you see things concerning your health or you want to do things to improve how you look, you can focus on your energy field to help you move forward.

Whatever you work on will grow and you will learn to explore things and to enjoy life. Make sure that you understand your relationships and that you understand that everything in your life is a learning experience. Learn to listen to what your body is telling you and your environment.

Pay attention to how your body is acting and responding to things.


Using clairsentience and psychometry will help you to work on your mind and body. You can use this to read energy from plants and animals or things you love.

This is your energy center and you can use your chakras to increase your energy because it gives off an electric field. This is a lot of energy that has to do with your emotions and your spiritual being.

Use this information to raise your vibrations, rub your hands together and breathe deep to activate your energy.

Put your dominate hand over your heart and ask your heart to give you images and see what comes to mind., Your mind will want you to be happy and you can request your spirit guides to help you.

Fear to Love

You can use your crystals to increase your energies and you can use positive cards to inspire you. Remember to always say five things that can give you a positive outlook and let yourself know what you can do to improve what you are going through in life. Use your hands and heart exercises to improve your intuition.

No matter what your environment has for you, know that there are things on earth that you can control., Learn to understand your life experiences and learn how to respond in ways that can raise your vibrations. Let your outlook on life be happy and this can raise your vibrations.

When your vibrations increase, your soul will feel supported and your wisdom and spiritual power will increase. You will see that there are tools that can help you and move you to the world beyond.

Lowered Vibrations

Remember that our vibrations can change depending on who you are but when you feel that you are sad or angry, this can mean that your vibrations are low.,

The best way is to find out what is lowering your vibrations and take a break from it.

Buying Vibrational Boosters

Here are some things you can purchase to increase your vibrations:

  • Inspirational Cards
  • Oracle Cards
  • Books
  • Videos
  • Anything to help you see your journey.

There is a way to change your vibrations from fear to love and you can do this by working hard and making sure your vibrational energy is shifted to a positive thing.


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