Protecting Your Empath Heart

Protecting Your Empath Heart

One thing that needs to happen in your life is that you are aware of what is going on inside of you. We all have relationship problems and challenges in life but the more time you spend figuring out who you are, the greater you can overcome anything.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to find out how you belong and if you want to figure out why you are having problems, look inside of yourself.

You will experience many changes and some of them are very hard. You will find that not everyone is attracted to you and that some people that are attracted to you are not good for you. They can be toxic and hard to get along with. Chances are if you are experiencing these kinds of problems, you might even be an empath.

An empath is someone that is able to pick up on the emotions and feelings of other people. They have so many great qualities that it would take pages just to talk about their qualities, but the truth is, whatever they experience, other people are experiencing as well.

They are able to put themselves emotionally and mentally in the positions to help other people and to feel what other people are experiencing.

An empath has strong sensitivities and they are able to know and discern what others are thinking and feeling. These emotions can cause the empath to love nature, want to be alone at long periods of time and even be introverted because of the distraction of all of the emotions.


Even though it is great to be an empath, they can have such strong intuition that they attract people that are not good for them such as narcissists and energy vampires. They give of themselves and people often take advantage of that and pretend to care for them so that they can be healed by their love.

Being an empath in this world means that you have been through things that other empaths have gone through and you have to make sure that you are able to move forward and be strong in your life. Here are some things you can do to be stronger:

Don’t Rush

Empaths often take time at the beginning of relationships and then they run with them. This happens because people come in and show them love and compassion but then as times change and they have a hard time dealing with the emotions, sometimes the empath shuts down.

Then they are there with all of their time and effort gone on one person and too deeply involved. An empath needs to take months or even years to trust people. They need to figure out who the person is and see if they are able to handle their emotions and their sensitivity.

Be careful about getting involved with someone too fast and learn to grow with them.

Know Patterns

If you are a person that has had trauma or problems from your childhood, chances are you have things such as PTSD and you need to work through these things before you become too overwhelmed that you cannot handle things.

If you are a victim of abuse or other situations, you need to be aware of these things. If you are an empath and you have been through these things, chances are you have deep feelings.

You are able to learn about the patterns of people and you need to know what they are all about before you get with them. Learn to see the pattern of toxic people coming into your life.

Never let a sociopath or a narcissist come into your life and hook on to you. An empath has great qualities and they need to make other people better. This can become a pattern.


Not everyone in the world is an empath and it is not a bad thing to be one, it just is what the universe wanted. An empath can be emotional and strong at the same time, but people will treat them the way that they want.

If you are someone that is fragile and strong, you will be in a relationship where people will treat you that way. An empath will feel the heart of others and they have to have reciprocity to have a good overall health and well-being in their life.

Do not settle with someone that is not about healing you and taking care of you. Get rid of issues you have and learn who you are. Be aware of yourself so that you can move forward and be strong.


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