Opening Your Heart Chakra

Opening Your Heart Chakra

If you are feeling more jealous or angry lately, seek love, but fear opening up, then activating your heart chakra can help. This can help you attract love, as well as feel compassion for others.


According to both Buddhist and Hindu tradition, the chakras are the point at which the body and soul come together. These wheels of energy align on the spine with three lower and three upper chakras. Connecting all the chakras is the heart chakra, also called Anahata, located in the center of the chest.

Anahata controls the love energy within the body and responds to the heart, lungs, muscles of the upper body, and immune system. When this chakra is open, you are filled with forgiveness, love, and even compassion. Anahata is associated with the color green and the air element. When unbalanced, a person feels hatred, grief, depression, jealous, and selfish.

Below are five techniques to balance and open the heart chakra to let love naturally flow.

Incense and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is very helpful in healing the heart chakra as it awakens the capacity to love. To open the heart chakra, focus on oils or incense with scents like lavender, rose, orange, sandalwood, or jasmine.

Positive Affirmations

To set intentions toward healing and directing new behaviors, use positive affirmations. Repeat affirmations that relate to love and healing to invite compassion and love into your life.


Try practicing heart opening poses through yoga to help the heart chakra. Poses that help include upward facing dog, bridge, and camel that drive the chest toward the sky are most helpful.

Healing Stones

Each chakra has a corresponding color and frequency that vibrates. For the heart chakra this is green and pink. Since healing stones also have energy frequencies, carrying them can help tune into the heart chakra. Carrying stones like rose quartz, green calcite, jade, or green aventurine to unblock the chakra.


Mantras are sacred words, phrases, or even sounds that help meditation remain focused. Repeating mantras that are associated with love can bring balance to the heart chakra. Breathe deeply and repeat “om mani padme hum” to align your energy. This can be done silently or aloud.


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