Multiple Ways to Strengthen Intuition

Multiple Ways to Strengthen Intuition

Our culture is sadly, fear based and obsessed with control over everything in life. People are so terrified by uncertainty that they continually try to anticipate and guard against every potential and inevitable disaster. This is an exhausting way to live and one that can make you ill.

We do not need fear to protect us because we each have intuition. Intuition is powerful and trustworthy, serving as a compass toward our true paths. Much like optimism and courage, intuitive can be honed, grown, and increased with practice. That is what the following tips are to help with in your life.


Intuition speaks in whispers and feelings, so time spent in silence can help you be better able to hear and interpret any messages you receive.

Five Senses

Start paying close attention to all five senses because doing so can help you increase sensitivity to your sixth sense.


The subconscious mind, along with the intuitive right brain, can be overridden by a busy cognitive mind. When you are sleeping, the cognitive mind rests so the subconscious mind has space to signal you through dreams.


Getting creative through journaling, drawing, or any activity you choose, can allow space for your intuition to speak what it needs.

Oracle Cards

Learning to use a Tarot deck can help you get closer to your intuitive thoughts and feelings.


Start recording the hunches you have in life, whether it is about the weather or a horse race winner. If you later check and see your hunch was right, then this was actually intuition.

Body Compass

Intuition speaks through the body. The more you work on your somatic awareness, the more sensitive you can become about your intuition. If you get a particular feeling when a decision has to be made, then learn to pay attention to it. While it could be stress or fear, it may be intuition, learn to recognize the difference.


While a daily routine can be helpful in some situations, escaping it can help intuition. Slow down and relax in new surroundings with no schedule. Sit quietly and listen for your intuition to speak.


The natural world, technology free, really opens up space for intuition to speak. Intuition was stronger for humans before technology and creature comforts took over. Get back to basics.

Learn from the Past

Think about a recent negative experience. Before it happened, was there a gut feeling that something was off? This was intuition. Perhaps it came as a dream or just a feeling. Recall what you can as far as details so you can get in touch with that part of yourself and listen better next time.


The mind is used to think, but intuition feels. If you are thinking about something or overthinking it, then this is your mind. An unexplained feeling, is most likely intuition.

Repetitive Movement

Some physical movements can calm the mind to allow your intuition to open up. Repetitive movements in activities like dance, cooking, playing an instrument, or running can be helpful.

Keep Values in Mind

Though the mind can allow you to consider going against your values, your intuition never will. When your behavior aligns with your values, then intuition is often quiet, but when it doesn’t you will feel that gut feeling clearly.

Practice with People

People watch before meeting someone new. By observing, you can learn a great deal about people that is being told by your intuition. You will be able to glean information through intuition that can be confirmed once you get to know someone.

Read and Train

Simply reading about intuition can help you get better at listening. You may also want to consider studying intuition formally.

Release Resistance

When you have an intuitive hunch, go with it. Ignoring these hunches can close you off from further feelings. Do not let rationalization keep you from what you know instinctually.


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