Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Your spirit guide is the guide that helps to protect you and to send you messages so that you can live your best life. They are there to guide you and to take care of you in every way. Maybe you do not know how to reach your spirit guide and this article can help.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Meeting your spirit guide is not hard you just have to want to connect and communicate with them. Your guide wants to know you and so you can learn how to connect better with them by doing different practices.


One of the easiest ways to meet your spirit guide is to meditate. If you want to meditate with a guide, that is okay, but you can also do your own meditation. Learn to ask your guides to meet you. Ask for your own guides to come to you and ask the spirits to come with the highest vibrational frequencies.

Ask your guides to gather close to you and to meet with you so that you can get messages from them that are useful.

Once you have done this, you can meditate and imagine meeting your guides. Pay attention to what messages you get in the form or words, symbols or even feelings. Trust your guides and yourself and you can have more confidence in getting assistance from your guides.

Automatic Writing

One way to get to know your spirit guide is with automatic writing. You can start talking to your guides and get out your journal or a notebook and begin writing. Ask questions and either write or draw and then switch pens and colors. Write out whatever answers you get in your mind.

You might ask questions and wonder if they are coming from you or your guides but if you write them down, you can figure this out later. If you have doubts, push through them, and get your messages.

Symbols and Numbers

Another great way to connect with your spirit guides is to pay attention to things that you see in your environment. Look for repeating numbers and synchronicities. These might be things that seem random, but the truth is that these are significant and meaningful.

You might find coins or see feathers on the street, and this can be a sign from your guides and can give you security and hope.

When you look at the clock, maybe you will see that it is 1:11 or 11:11. These repeating numbers might happen each time you look at the clock. Pay attention to how you feel when you see these numbers.


Pay attention to your spirit guides and what you feel when you encounter them. Your guides want to meet you and know you. Your guides love and care for you and they want you to be the best you can be. Take time to connect with your guides and get power from them to be a better person.


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