Love Spells Using Black Magic

Love Spells Using Black Magic

Using black magic for love spells can be very powerful and effective but they can also be very dangerous if done by the wrong person or in the wrong circumstances.  It is easy to see why people would be lured but some people have waited for years to use these spells for good reason.

Unnatural Love

Sometimes one of the biggest concerns people have about black magic is that it can backfire when the love isn’t really there.  This isn’t the first reason for not using them but it shows that the results of love can come from spells that are forced and it can make most people feel distant from their partner.  Your partner will most likely stay with you and will tell you how much they love you but the problem is that they don’t kno0w why they love you.  This can cause fights in the relationship and other problems but they will keep coming back and they don’t know why they keep putting up with the relationship.

This type of love has no passion and no romance, it is just a relationship that doesn’t really feel like love.  Sometime, people who have used black magic wish that they hadn’t because things aren’t how they hoped they would be.  Their partner is more like a brother or sister or a stranger than there being a true relationship and romance.

Black Magic Requires Power

Not everyone who uses black magic can have the power to get things accomplished.  They need skill to be able to cast the spells.  A genuine person who wants to help you but sometimes they don’t have pure intentions is someone you want to stay away from.

We need to stress that those who cast black magic spells can be at a high risk of being a victim to someone who is always asking for more or needing more to meet the demands of the trying relationship.

Sometimes, people who lure in others with promises or do so to avoid punishment then the spell will continue to need more and more favors including money, time and maybe even immoral acts that are illegal.  Sometimes they do it for financial gain and sometimes they do it because they want to have control over the other person.

Wrong People Bring Chaos

People who can cast black magic spells correctly have a lot of power but the wrong person can make the situation very bad.  It can cause the spell to backfire and hurt your family, career and even your friends.  Sometimes it can cause your health to go down.  It is often that people will hear of evil spirits being given free reign and those that use the spell and don’t do it correctly can have a lot of downsides.

But since black magic isn’t just secrets, it requires a mixture of a good teacher, the balance of the person willing to walk in the path and a middle between good and evil and it is hard for any person to master it.  This can result in the spell casters being afraid and not having the right abilities to cast the spell correctly.

There are only a handful of people that did not have a terrible situation after using black magic but some of them still regretted using this magic and some were lucky to be alive after.

Free Will

When you look back at number one, we are lucky to be humans and have a consciousness.  The debate is what free will really is and how we live in a society where we don’t want people to interfere with our lives.  We are free to choose what we do and what we wear and black magic doesn’t give us these choices.  A relationship can be hard and  you sometimes feel like you lose yourself in people but this is part of being human.  We all share the goal to have self-discovery and when we change someone’s free will it goes against karma and the universal laws.  This should be the reason that you limit your dark magic and avoid using it.


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