Love Her Independence


For too long, women have been told to be demure, to follow orders, and to be quiet. Thankfully, few of us actually listened to these directions, and instead became the women we wanted to be. Strong, courageous, and driven women have driven their families, their jobs, their relationships, and themselves to be bigger and better than ever.

An independent woman isn’t something to be feared, but rather loved. Independent women don’t need to flaunt their independence; rather, they exemplify their strength, nurturing, confident, and intelligence to go after what they want. Independent women aren’t always the easiest to love, but who wants to love someone who is easily predicted?

Here are a few things to remember about wooing and loving an independent woman:

  1. Your actions mean more than your words. Verbal promises are good, but actually following through on your words will impress her the most. Failing to deliver on a promise means you have let her down, and her expectations of you will falter.
  2. Own up to being wrong. If you’ve messed up, apologize. An independent woman doesn’t have time to wait around for you to figure out where you went wrong. On the flip side, she will hold herself to this same standard as well.
  3. Take your time. Independent women expect you to take care of your own needs, including your need for some alone time every once in awhile. We all need this time to rest and recharge, so don’t be afraid to tell her that you need some alone time. Chances are, she needs her time by herself, too.
  4. Talk to each other. Independent women want to be challenged intellectually by their partners; you have to bring something to that aspect of your relationship, or else she’ll get bored.
  5. She’s fair. People often keep score in a relationship, and it can be a negative practice. Rather than keeping score, independent women keep a close eye on the equality displayed in a relationship. They will remember moments of sacrifice, compromise, and respect that you show her.
  6. Don’t be lazy. An independent woman didn’t get where she is by being lazy. She works hard and expects her partner to do the same. She provides for herself, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be willing to pick up the slack you’re leaving in the relationship.
  7. Make decisions together. She didn’t get to be who she is by asking other people for advice; however, when it comes to your relationship, decisions are going to be made with input from both of you.
  8. Be committed or leave. An independent woman doesn’t need you to be wishy washy or indecisive when it comes to your commitment to her. If she doesn’t feel like you’re what she needs, she will leave.
  9. Take turns leading. It might seem like she wants to run the whole show, but this is so far from the truth. She wants you to lead, too, especially in conversation. You can whip out your wit, your charm, and your humor to make the leading lady in your life fall for you all over again.

Independent women run their lives, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you in it. Don’t be intimidated by strong women; rather, see how you can fit into their lives and sweep them off their feet. Independent women require you to be the best you can be, and you can rise to the occasion.


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