Listening to Your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Listening to your intuition helps you to trust yourself. As you learn to trust yourself, you can see that you can learn to listen to messages that your spirit guide is giving you. These messages can come out of nowhere. You might know that you are going to get a message because you have a strong sense but maybe you don’t know how to use your psychic gift.

When a message comes to you from the psychic world, this can be exciting but when you are wanting to know how to make the messages come but you aren’t sure how, talking to your spirit guides can help. Of course, your intuition is important, but it doesn’t always give you the perfect answers.

Once you can learn to understand and trust your intuition more though, you will see that you can start trusting your spiritual guides as well. They can come to you and give you answers. You can meditate and they will tell you if you are on the right path in your life or if you need to pay attention more. They will teach you life lessons and help you along the way.

As your intuition is more active, you can find that by listening, the messages from your spirit guides will just come out of nowhere. The messages will come to help you to live your best life and to get answers.

Meditating with Crystals

Some people collect crystals and stones, but they don’t always realize that they can use them for their own good. The stones have strong vibrations, and some crystals are great at helping people reach their goals. Citrine, for example, can bring you wealth, while Amethyst is a good healing stone.

While meditating, you can keep a stone in your hand and realize that they can help you have visions, prophetic dreams and more. You can meditate for a few minutes each day and you can increase the messages that you get. Sometimes your guides will even have whole conversations with you about what you are going through in your life.

Asking Questions

Don’t just let your spirit guides talk to you but talk back to them. Ask them questions and seek their help. They don’t need to be asked life changing questions, but they can just answer even small questions or give you answers to small things that you want to know.

Many people will get the answers most when they are meditating. They will get these messages in dreams; a stranger will tell a story that gives the answer and even an email or text message might share the message to you. It normally doesn’t take long to get an answer once you start asking.

Be Thankful

The relationship that you have with your spirit guide will change as you get closer to them. You will see that each of your guides are different and that they have different personalities. Make sure that you are thanking your guides and telling them what they mean to you.

The closer that you are to someone the more you are thankful for them. Be thankful for your spirit guides just the same. Ask the questions that are important or just ask them questions so that you can get to know them more.

When you tell your guides that you love them and you appreciate them, you will see that they are there to support you even more and that they are there for you in all areas of your life.


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