How to Perform Chakra Meditations

Chakra Meditations

Chakra are energy centers that corresponding to different regions of our bodies.  These points act as gatekeepers to external and universal energies to better align physical, psychological, and spiritual influences in and around the body.  Below we have listed each specific chakra point and corresponding influences to help you optimize your spiritual energetic wellness.

Crown Chakra

  • Position: Top of the head
  • Association: Powerful connection to universal love and community
  • Balanced: You easily interact with divine wisdom and can process who you are and how you relate to the rest of the universal community.
  • Imbalanced: Sadness, hopelessness, and anxiety
  • Color: Violet

Third Eye Chakra

  • Position: On the brow ridge, midway between your eyes
  • Association: Gaining a full perspective of yourself and how you relate to the world around you
  • Balanced: Awareness and having a vision rooted in universal truth
  • Imbalanced: Headaches, migraines, nightmares or eye problems
  • Color: Indigo

Throat Chakra

  • Position: Your throat
  • Association: Your ability to express yourself and embrace creativity
  • Balanced: You easily can transform your inner world into outward expression.
  • Imbalanced: A sore throat, nervousness, issues with sinuses, thyroid, teeth and gums, TMJ, jaw pain
  • Color: Blue

Heart Chakra

  • Position:  Center of your breast bone
  • Association The hone of your soul
  • Balanced: You honor your spirit every day and promote love as the motivation for all of your actions.
  • Imbalanced: Forgetting the beauty, empathy, and love around you.  You may be struggling with how to express compassion for yourself and others.
  • Color: Green

Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Position: Slightly above your navel
  • Association: Balancing your needs, wants and abilities in order to create societal improvements.
  • Balanced: Keen strength, instincts, and an ability to trust gut feelings.
  • Imbalanced: Issues concentrating, retaining information, and processing stress.
  • Color: Yellow

Sacral Chakra

  • Position: Lower abdomen, around the center of your pelvis
  • Association: Sexuality, sensuality, the ability to creatively express your feelings.
  • Balanced: Complete union of body, soul, mind, and divine love.
  • Imbalanced:  Issues with poor self-worth, low libido, codependency, struggles with addiction or eating disorders.
  • Color: Orange

Root Chakra

  • Position: Your coccyx
  • Association: Sense of safety and security.  The health and well-being of your physical body
  • Balanced: You at peace with your safety and ability within the world.
  • Imbalanced: Depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors, and a sense of abandonment or loneliness.
  • Color: Red

How chakra meditations help

Chakra meditations help you get in touch with the totality of your body, including how it experiences sensations and heals itself.  It is a deeply personal activity that can provide you with a sense of peace, grounding, and empowerment.  You can expect better quality of sleep and feeling more connected to yourself and how you relate to both the world and universal communities.  Consider your chakras like a tool box.  You must ensure your tools remained honed to use them to the best of their ability.  As life gives you ups and downs, accessing your chakras can help you identify ways to best optimize your situation.

Performing a chakra meditation

The methods of performing a chakra meditation can differ between people and sessions.  Visual people can benefit from focusing of colors associated with each chakra point.  People that respond to touch, might want to place a hand at each point to sense how the energy is flowing throughout the meditation.

You don’t have to meditated with closed eyes, but maintain a soft gaze and relaxed mindset to help you focus.  During candle meditations you will want to observe the flame throughout your practice and only close your eyes at the end during your moment of gratitude.  If you like noise during your practice, consider selecting a guided meditation.  It is best to have regular meditations sessions for roughly 15-20 minutes each time.

Step 1: Find a quiet space and sit on the floor (you may also choose to lie flat).  Focus on your breath, taking deep inhales and exhales.

Step 2:  Close your eyes and turn your focus inward.  Seek to address your root chakra first as it connects you with the earth.  Ask your inner wisdom to show it to you in the best possible manner whether it is color, a symbol, or a word.

Step 3: Envision this chakra as spinning wheeling.  Pay attention to the direction of the energy flow.  Continue breathing.  Observe its quality of light, shape, color, and space.  Notice how the light intensifies with each breath.  This is showing you the point being cleansed.  The brighter and more vivid the color, the better.  Strive to get this point to spin in a clockwise direction and radiating either warmth or coolness.  Allow every breath to have an intention to expand and cleanse this powerful point.

Step 4:  After the Root Chakra is cleansed, move up to the Sacral Chakra and repeat the process.  Continue on until the Crown Chakra is cleansed and balanced.  There is no rush on the process as each point is unique and may require varying levels of loving attention.

Step 5:  After the Crown Chakra is cleansed, within your mind’s eye, take a step back and observe the operation your whole chakra system.  Is everything as open and aligned as it should be?  Breath into each point and notice how easily your energy is flowing and any changes to your mind, body, and spirit.

Step 6:  When you are ready, exit your meditative state and journal your experiences.  It is important to always trust your instincts.  They will direct you toward where you need to spend additional time, or messages you may have received during the practice.  Remember, each meditation will be different each time, but by paying attention to how you are feeling each day, week, or month, you can measure both patterns and progress.


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