How to Know Your Spirit Animal is Calling

Spirit Animal

When you go through something hard, chances are that you might notice that your pets help you through these hard times. Even though your own pets might help you, there are other animals, called your spirit animals, that will help you to face these challenging times.

Spirit animals are spiritual beings that will guide you, but they come in the shape or form of an animal. They are animals that have walked the earth multiple times but this time they are in the spirit form.

How Do They Contact You?

There are different ways that you spirit animal can contact you. If you have strong intuition, then you will know when your spirit animal is close to you.

Some people will have dreams about their spirit animal where they will get interpretations or messages from their guides.

Some spirit animals will call out to you by crossing your path in the form of a regular animal. If your spirit animal is a cat, you might see a cat all day walking in front of you or see it for a week.

Sometimes the animals will use synchronicities to reach out to you. Someone might be watching television and hear the animal come up over and over again. You might then later read a book that talks about that same animal. If this happens, that means they are trying to contact you.

Why Do Animals Contact Us?

Animals can contact you for many reasons. If you feel lonely, they might want to come to you or if you are facing hard times, they will be there to guide you. You will receive guidance from your spirit animal when your life is full of troubles.

Warning You

Sometimes a spirit animal will come to you so that you can pay attention to what is going on in your life. They will warn you so that you can be more open and cautious to what is going on around you. If you feel that your spirit animal is talking to you, pay attention to what they are saying.

Slowing Down

Sometimes your animal guides will show up so that you can slow down, and you can relax. They will be there to help you when times are challenging or when you are scared.

Comforting You

If you are going through something hard, your spirit animal might come to you so that they can help you to have comfort. They will help you to face hard times. A spirit animal might help you to look at the times in your life where you were happy and free.


Your spirit animal can come to you when you need encouragement in your life. They will come to you to show you that life is okay. Once you see them, you will know that things will be better in the future.

Sacred Spirit Animal

You might be interacting with your spirit animal, but it might be something that is scary to you. If your spirit animal is a snake and you are afraid of snakes, this might catch you off guard. Maybe you dream of a bear attacking you. This can scare you but can still be the spirit animal trying to reach you or warn you.

Your spirit animal will not want to scare you but maybe it has to make you fearful so that you will listen, and you will learn to react.

You need to be cautious when you see an animal that might be dangerous for you. You might not want to pick up that animal or be around it, but the animal does not have to come to you in the physical being to tell you something.

Think of the qualities of your life and what things you need to do to make your life better. What if you dream of your spirit animal and it kills you? Some believe that animals that attack you in your dreams will give you more power to be a better person.

More than One Spirit Animal?

Most people have only one spirit animal at a time, but some will have animals that stay with them their whole life. The message that they give you might be something that lasts for a lifetime. Maybe you have a deer or a panther as your spirit animal and they stick with you forever.

A spirit animal will only leave when you no longer need it and if it moves out of your life then you will no longer be trying to understand or drawn to that animal.

Maybe during this time another animal will try to get your attention and help you with another issue that your other animal could not help you with. Let your issue go and know that your spirit animal had come to help you and you both were successful in moving forward in your life. Work with the new animal to make your life and your journey strong.


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