How to Know if You are an Old Soul

How to Know if You are an Old Soul

Some people feel that they have lived a life before they one that they are living now, and they even have memories that make them feel that they have been on the earth before.

These people are often called old souls. They have a hard time fitting in because they have so much wisdom and they are able to see life deeper than others. Some people like this are very mature for their age and they seem to have old eyes.

If you think you are an old soul, chances are that you have been to earth more than once and now you need to do what you can to live your best life.

What is an Old Soul?

An old soul is someone that has had many different lives. No matter what they can remember, they have incarnated over and over.

If you have had a hard time fitting in and you feel that people do not understand you, chances are you are lonely or you feel that you cannot make friends. This can mean that you are disconnected from those around you because you are not into the material plane of life. You have a level of understanding beyond most others.

You might even meet a child that seems like an old soul. They might daydream a lot and they need extra attention and nurturing because they don’t relate well with their peers.

If you or your loved ones or friends think that they are an old soul, there are many benefits in this, and they all have a purpose.


Do you think you are an old soul? If you do, there is no test that you can take and there is no way to prove this.

Here are some things that you can look at and see if you relate and if so, you might be an old soul.

Material Things

Most old souls are not materialistic, and they do not want to own a lot of things. They are excited about things such as meeting new people or gaining knowledge and not about having stuff.

You probably won’t waste your time living on things that you own but instead you will want to have better relationships with people.


Most old souls will look for knowledge so that they can grow. They will take courses and work on their career so that they can pick up new skills.

They will do what they can so that they can grow, and they will get rid of gossip and rumors.


Old souls will have strong intuition and they might even be able to hear voices. They will learn to trust their gut feeling and others will be drawn to them.

If you pick up signs from the universe, listen to them and use them.


There are different energies in the world and when you appreciate these energies, you might be an old soul. You will be attracted to nature and you will feel at peace when you are doing things outside.

You may even feel like being in nature refreshes you and makes you feel good and you might choose to do different outdoor activities.

Old souls will want to live closer to nature so they can use it effectively to help them.

Introvert or Empath

Some old souls have so much wisdom that they become empathetic to others. They will often have the feelings of others inside of them and they will have strong emotional experiences. This can also cause you to feel their pain.

Old souls are often introverts and they like to be alone because being around others can be overwhelming in time.


Old souls love to listen to you and give you their attention. They also like to listen and give you advice and tell you what they are feeling. This means that you will have friendships that are deep because you will not be attracted to very many people.

Some people might come to you to counsel them so that you can help them through their problems.


Old souls have a hard time fitting in the world because they are eccentric. They probably act differently than most people and they are often judged unfairly.

They prefer to focus on things that are meaningful and peaceful in life.


Old souls also will avoid negative things. They will not want to be around people or things that are negative, and they will avoid this at all costs.

They will see the beauty in things in their life and they will see the universe as peaceful and happy and they will love the mysterious of the world.


Some old souls will suffer for these reasons:

  • People cannot relate to them.
  • They cannot relate to people their own age.
  • They get tired when around too many people.
  • They carry a lot of baggage from their past lives.
  • They are forgiving and loving.
  • They are often used.
  • They suffer guilt and shame.
  • They struggle to feel at home.
  • Take on too much baggage from other people.
  • They want to have alone time.
  • Are said to be different.
  • Work through karma of past lives.
  • Are viewed as someone to answer all of life’s problems.
  • Know they can achieve many things.
  • Risk burnout.
  • Feel deep emotional pain.
  • Have a hard time finding a partner.


An old soul has a life purpose, and it might be hard to understand. They are there to help understand life and to help others.

Pay attention to what your voice is telling you and when you are compassionate and loving and when you are passionate about something, you should probably do it. Learn about what you have in your life and what kind of traits you have.

Find out what your passions are and make a list of things you are good at. Know that you are there to grow and to help others grow. Learn to understand how life is complex and to help others understand this too.

If you keep having dreams of something, take it seriously. Old souls will have dreams that are there to guide them and to help them.

If you are an old soul and you are struggling, know that you have many talents and strengths that others do not have. Life is satisfying for you, even more than the average person.


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