Guides and Questions

Guides and Questions

When you have a question, sometimes you just want a yes or no answer. Going to your guide should give you that and this can happen just by practicing and learning how to test your muscles.

You never have to have a book or anything else that can get you answers, you can just practice asking your guides the right question and using muscle testing along the way.

What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is where you and your guides talk to each other where when you get stuck, it can mean a yes answer and if it is moving, it can mean a no answer. You do this by rubbing your finger and your thumb together and you try to break the fingers apart with your other hands.

Asking Questions

When you ask a question such as, “should I start a new business or should I stick with my current career?” then you will learn that by using muscle testing, you can get answers to your question.

You have to learn to break the answers down though such as, “should I start a new business?” No.

“Should I stay with my current career?”  Yes.

Why should I not start a new business? Is it because it is a bad time in my life?” Yes.

When your fingers really stick together, that can be a sure yes answer but this kind of question works only with practicing.

Some people will use muscle testing to ask other questions such as when someone is negative talking and they need to get rid of this by asking, “do I need to get rid of negative talking?” Yes.

Guides and Negative Talk

When someone is talking negative to themselves it is best if you can change your thought pattern and learn to speak positive things. Then if you slip out negative words, learn to rephrase them and try again.

Even when you have someone that is using affirmations, it is important that he or she listen to the guides to see if the affirmations are what they want you to say.

The best part of this is that as much effort as you put into reaching your guides is as much reward that you will get back. A guide can give you detail about their answers and the guides are always there to answer you, no matter what time or day it is.


When you want to communicate with your guides, it is important that you make sure that you ask the questions, seek the answers, find a solution and most importantly, use an open mind so that you can get the answers that you are seeking and have peace in your life.

Know that your guides are always there to help you and you have guides everywhere you look, just be open and thankful for them and they will see you through.  Remember, your guides love to be acknowledged and sought after and the more you seek after your guides, the more they will show up to help you.

Take time each day to meditate and talk to your guides so that you can get all of the life answers that you are seeking. Your guides are great to help guide you down the right path and to help protect you from danger.


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