Getting Rid of Psychological Blocks

Psychological Blocks

People often wonder about psychic powers and where some say that only a few have these abilities, the truth is that anyone can have talents and gifts in the psychic world. These gifts come from the universe and the spiritual world, and they are powers that can be given to anyone.

Everyone Has Gifts

Everyone has gifts that the universe gives us. This is no different than someone that is gifted in sports or in science or any other subject. There is no difference because having gifts in the physical and the supernatural all require practice.

After you experience these gifts, you will realize that they are part of your natural talent and even if you make mistakes, this is normal.

Sensing things in the psychic is something that everyone can have. Not everyone is going to be the best at it, just like other talents, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t have these gifts.

People of all forms can have a gift they are just on different levels. Some are strong in their gifting, and some aren’t. Intuition, for example, can be strong in some and can be weak in others. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have this gift.

Everyone is born with a divine image and just like people can see, hear, smell, taste and feel, the same can happen in the psychic world. This is sometimes called a sixth sense. These include clairvoyance, which is clear seeing, clairaudient, which is clear hearing, clairsentient which is clear feeling and claircognizance which is clear knowing.

Being in Control

If you are an empath or you are highly intuitive, this can mean that you have high vibrations and that you often shift your emotions fast. This can happen because of the energies that you are surrounded with.

Each day in your life, you can learn to train to protect yourself from negative energies and you can learn to charge your space and to keep yourself strong.

One way that psychics sense things is they hear sounds in their mind or their body. This is the vibrations that they feel and hear. These are sensations that will go both in your body and in your spirit.

Some people with a psychic gift are able to hear information and to read things that are given them in their mind and their spirit.


An empath will often be able to feel the energy of others. They are often accurate when they give readings to others.

A real psychic will be able to tell you things without giving you a show. They can pick up on feelings and they will be able to sense and feel things that other people cannot. These senses are often accurate but sometimes come across in the physical world as inaccurate.

A person may not line up with their physical and spiritual world. Sometimes a psychic will think they are picking up feminine energy and it will be masculine energy because they are using their main senses. A psychic will use symbols and cues to give a reading, and this doesn’t mean that the information that they get isn’t accurate, it just means they are picking up something differently.

The spiritual energy that a person has changes as they become mature. Some people will be stronger in their sun and moon signs which means that their energies are strong. There are things that often trick a psychic because people are not able to reveal their real truths. The language and the symbol that someone gets will help them to understand life.

Language and Signs

When you learn to listen to the language of the signs, you can figure out what the universe is trying to tell you. You can get the guidance that you need form the spiritual world and you can reach your unconscious mind. This can help you to understand symbols and to practice listening and paying attention to what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

This can help you to heal and let go of things such as hurt and rejection and help you to feel your skills and talents.

Subconscious Mind

The is something that keeps up with your memories and helps you to heal from wounds. It is part of your ego and helps you when someone is judging you and hurting you. When you learn to listen to what is going on in your mind, it can help you to pay attention to things and help you not to sabotage yourself.

Self-sabotage often happens because a person represses and avoids the feelings that they are having. They forget their desires and they are ashamed of what they want. They might be sensitive and vulnerable, and they have things deep inside of them that they need to work out.

These senses can help us to take our energies and the psychic information that we have inside and can help us to be thankful for what is going on. This is one way that we can reach our unconscious mind. We can take the signs and symbols that we get, and we can learn to listen and to understand what is happening to us.

If you walk into a place and you hear a song, come into your mind, this is your subconscious trying to reach you and to get into your senses. Pay attention to things like this and se how it makes you feel. Do you feel relaxed or stressed? Take deep breaths and allow yourself to calm down and to listen.

Find Your Journey

Go out into your journey and find what makes you wonder and makes you curious. Let yourself open doors and do things that will make your spiritual being stronger. Meditate and exercise your skills.

Keep working your skills until you are able to be strong in them. Be thankful for what you see and have and never let things hold you back. Pay attention to the voices and the noise you hear in your mind.

Keep a meditative state all the time so that you can pick up signs and so things do not become a distraction to you. Access information from your conscious mind and allow yourself to meet your desires and your goals. Keep your journey strong.


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