Finding What your Spirit Animal Means

Finding What your Spirit Animal Means

Animals are there in our lives every day. They can be your pet or something that you see out roaming on the streets. You will see an animal here and there and even though you see them every day, we often do not understand what they mean or what characteristics make them special.

Many Shamans believe that spirit animals are there to guide you and keep you safe on your journey. They will give your insight in your life and help you to get messages if you will listen. You need to learn to pay attention and acknowledge what is going on around you.

Spirit Guide

Chances are that you will know that your spirit guide comes around you but if you don’t, pay attention to signs and symbols so that you know that your guide is there. You can even meditate and be mindful and ask your guide to show itself. You can set your intentions and ask to dream, and you will possibly see your guide.

Your spirit animal might give you signs, and they might be small, but they can show themselves to you in symbols or even in a physical form. If you spend more time in nature and you learn to get away from technology for ra while, you will be able to form a bond with the universe.

Types of Spirit Animals

There are many types of spirit animals such as:


The wolf is a connected spirit that helps you when you need to use your instincts and needed guided. This symbol can mean a threat or a lack of trust when you are around someone. They can help you to deal with things that are important in your life.

If your spirit animal is the wolf, it can mean you are strong and intelligent. It can also mean you have a deep connection and understanding of the world around you.

When the wolf comes to you in physical form or in meditation, it can show you that you need to focus on your instincts and understand what you are doing. It can also mean you need to reach challenges that you have faced.

The wolf can feel threatened and you need to pay attention to your emotions and see if you are balanced with people around you. Your animal can come to warn you about someone that is trying to hurt you.

The world is there to help you to be free and to show you to live your life the best way that you can. If the wolf comes, it wants to guide you and help you to have freedom. It also wants you to find your passion.

The wolf is a wild animal and does not domesticate well. It can be your spirit guide and be there to support you and help you to figure out who you are. This can be a sign that you need to stay alive and find peace.

A wolf totem can mean that you are being threatened and that you are in a situation by a person that is threatening you. The wolf can mean that you feel that you are a predator and that you are vulnerable. If you see your wolf in that way, look at your life and the influences around you.

Maybe your wolf spirit animal is warning you that you need to have boundaries and that you are exposing yourself too much. This can mean that you are dealing with someone that is not treating you the way that you deserve. Be careful who you are around.

The meaning of the wolf is that you are instinctive and that you are needing to be guided in how you run your life. Trust your instinct sand if you feel threatened, reflect on your inner being and find out why.


The owl is an animal that can see in the dark. This guide will help you to see past deception and will help you to keep things hidden that need to be hidden. They can help you to see what someone really means that is around you.

If the owl is your spirit animal, it means you have strong intuition and that you are wise but that you hide it. This helps you to not be deceived and to see other motives.

The owl can help you to discern things around you and to have a good foundation. If you have an owl totem then you probably need to look at what is going on around, you and be creative to focus your energy on something good. You can find a lot of good things if you focus on things that are interesting. You can also learn how magical life is.

When the owl comes to you, listen, and look for the signs around you and find out what it wants you to know. This can help you to know what your abilities are and what your feelings are.

The owl can be a symbol of death and a symbol of tradition and it is not to be taken literally but to be taken that changes are coming. If you are in a certain place in your life or if you have old habits, expect new things to come.


The bear is there for you when you need to have courage and when life is hard. It is there to guide you and to give you power and to support you. If you are a leader, the bear can be there to guide you and to help others. The bear is there because it is powerful and will inspire you in life and help you to be without fear.

If you want to have the totem of the bear, you need to look inside and see what you are afraid of and work through it. Have confidence in yourself.

The bare is a tradition for the Shamans and can mean healing and help. It can be time for your own healing in your mind, body, or your spirit. Be sensitive to the bear and where you need your healing and learn to focus on it.

The bear will be an animal that can help you to be balanced and to have boundaries. This might mean that you need time to be alone and quiet time. The bear spirit can help you to look inside and to meditate on yourself. Learn to ground yourself and to find support when times are hard.


The hawk is a powerful animal and can fly to the heavens without effort. It is considered to be a messenger animal and can bring messages to you. It can also guide you and give you tools of divination that you can use in your life.

This totem can give you guidance and help you when you are sensitive, and you need to pay attention to your own intuition.

The hawk can help you to focus on what is going on in your life and get over your distractions. This animal can support you and help you to see things from a different perspective. Relying on the hawk can help you to get through obstacles in your life and to be clear and focused.

This bird can help you to be observant and to guide you and give you opportunities when the time is right for you. This animal has power and vision and can help you to develop your visions if you have that gift. Maybe you are clairvoyant, and you see the hawk, this can mean that you are going to see things other people do not see.

When you see the hawk and have it as a spirit animal, it means that you can get visions or dreams and they can help you to connect to your spiritual being. You will develop your relationship with your spirit animal and be connected to them.


The fox can come when you need encouragement and when you need to take action. This shows you that you can adapt to different situations and work through obstacles.

The fox totem can help you to develop your skills and help you to be able to accomplish big projects. It can also help you to be more alert around you.

When the fox comes to you, it can mean that you need to pay attention to those around you that might be tricking you. This animal will come and help you in your relationships and help you to make better friendship choices. Listen to the fox and its wisdom and do whatever it tells you to do so that you can be discerning.

The fox will guide you and teach you about things and help you to get through obstacles. It will help you learn to deal with things that you are resisting and help you to learn lessons that you need to learn. If you are being tricked, the fox can guide you and give you wisdom and humor and to laugh at the lessons that you have been taught.

The fox is there to help you develop your life and to get through problems. Call on the fox when you feel that you have lost your way.

Foxes are active at night, but they are also keen during the day. They can help you to be creative when you are close to them.

Dreams will help you to find your fox as your guide and will help to connect you to the spiritual world.

Finding Your Spirit Animal

Your spirit animal is part of your mind and spirit, and you cannot choose it, but it will choose you. When your mind is relaxed, ask your guides to show you who your spirit animal is, and it can come to you. You will dream and meditate, and you will find that your guide will come to you.


Go outside in nature and pay attention. There is a whole world around you and chances are that you will see your spirit animal when you are outside. Be receptive to them and let them guide you. Pay attention to signs and symbols.

Animal Encounters

If you find that you are having strange animal encounters, this could be a sign. Have an open heart and mind and be receptive of these things that happen. Pay attention if you see a certain animal regularly and see if there are any symbols.


Conduct a ceremony and call your spirit animal to you. Chant and ask them to show you who they are and wait for them to come.


Research animals that you like and find out why they interest you. This could be from your childhood or it could be certain characteristics that you like about them.


Take time each day to meditate and ask your guides to come to you. Ask your spirit animal to show itself to you and it will give you more than you ever hoped for. Sit quietly and concentrate on asking your animal to come to you. Let your subconscious mind be kind and loving and your heart focusing on your animal.


Take time to write down what you dream so that you do not miss out on something. You might be surprised that you have dreamed about your animal before and you just didn’t know it. Pay attention to the messages that your dream has and see the feelings that you get.


Learn to embrace your journey and to see life as a connected thing. Connect with yourself and with your spirit animal and find out why this animal chose you.


Your spirit animal is there to help you so be thankful for their love and support. Learn to transform yourself and to have new light.

Finding Your Animal

When you have found your spirit animal, know what kind of traits it has and how those are good for your own life. Pay attention to positive things and incorporate the traits of the animal into your life so that you can connect with them.

Meditate each day so that you can listen and be guided and learn to be happy in your life.

Observation Skills

If you want to connect with who you are, learn to find your spirit animal. This is one way that your life can change. Learn to be observing of things around you while dreaming, meditating, or just going through life. Discover what your spirit animal is and how it inspires you. Learn to be empowered by it. Look for animals that you might be connected to and journal it so that you can share this excitement with others.


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