Empath Versus an HSP


A person that is an empath is often a clairsentient. They are people that can feel the feelings of others. An HSP or a highly sensitive person is different. Understand the difference so that you don’t get confused or bothered by your gifts.

What is Empathy?

Almost all people have some sort of empathy. This is when you have feelings when something bad happens to someone. This can be the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. For example, if your best friend’s sister dies, you will feel sorry for them and support them.

When you can relate to someone and their feelings, this is empathy.

HSP or Highly Sensitive People

Someone that is highly sensitive will have feelings when someone acts weird or when something is going on in the area around them. For example, when you are out eating and you see one of the customers fighting with the waitress, you might wish that you hadn’t come to eat at this time.

Tuning In

A person that is an empath or someone that is HSP will be able to know what is going on around them by tuning into the energies. They will be able to pick up on the different feelings wherever they are and sometimes this can cause them to be stressed or anxious.

Traits of an HSP

Here are some traits of someone that is a highly sensitive person:

  • Strong emotions: A person that is HSP will be very sensitive or emotional. They can be up or down in their emotions and are often seen as a drama queen or king.
  • Sensory Nervous System: With this gift, a person might feel that too many people in one room makes their skin crawl.
  • Sensitive: HSP’s tend to cry a lot, during movies, reading the newspaper, books or even when someone says something to them.
  • Kindness: Empath people will not want anyone to feel bad and have a hard time putting up boundaries.
  • Pain sensitivity: HSP’s are often sensitive to pain and they act childish when they get hurt.
  • Making decisions: It can be hard for this kind of person to make decisions.
  • Easily hurt: Empath people have a hard time in relationships and they get hurt easily.
  • Anxiety: They have a hard time with being anxious or stressed.

What is an Empath?

An empath is someone that is sensitive, and they feel the emotions of others. They also feel the energies around them. They are often called clairsentients and they can feel the actual pain and emotions that other people have.

Traits of an Empath

An empath can feel the emotions of others, and this is often seen as a psychic gift. Here are some traits that they might have:

  • Hate violence: Empaths cannot watch violent movies or read about violence in the news. They find this painful. Being on social media is hard for them sometimes.
  • Mood changes: Empaths will have mood changes. They can feel happy and then feel sad in the next couple of minutes.
  • Large crowds: Empaths have a hard time being around large crowds of people. They need time alone after going to a party or other get-togethers.
  • Strong emotions: Empaths have strong emotions, and they pick up the emotions of those around them, even when they don’t want to. They can even feel pain if someone is in pain.
  • Addictive personality: Empaths will often have an addictive personality because they try to find ways to get rid of the emotions they are picking up.
  • Know things: Empaths know things about people without being told anything at all.

Final Thoughts

There is a difference between someone that is an empath and someone that is highly sensitive. It can be hard for either of these types of people to be able to stay calm and have a peaceful life. It is important for them to stay healthy and strong in all situations.


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