If you have ever dreamed about something that you did not know where you were and you were not able to recognize anyone around you, chances are that you were in someone else’s dreams.  This is called dreamwalking and is part of lucid dreaming.  This is when you can enter someone’s dream and work the dream to do what you want to do.  You can do this without being asleep and being in a meditative state.

Everyone has heard stories about being with someone that has died and being in an open space.  Sometimes this happens when someone experiences grief or distress.  This is when someone wants to reach out to a certain individual and then when they wake up, they feel that they need to contact that person.

Most people have not wrote much about these different levels of receptiveness and when we are dreaming, we are most open and are in a dream state.  We are sometimes mentally and spiritually connected because our body and our mind will go into an automatic process to put you where your body and mind feel you need to go.

A dream is like a door that is hidden and when someone opens it, it is like they go into your soul or ego.  This separates us form the physical world and puts us into a conscious world.  Dreams are like the universe but are truer to us.  There is a whole world to see inside of dreams and even sometimes when we are asleep, we know it because we hear sounds and see things that we know aren’t physical.

Sometimes, when you want to experience lucid dreaming, you can do this when you time the REM sleep.  This can cause dreams to be more influenced and this can help people to learn to control their dreams from a meditative state to a sleep that allows us to dream.  You can practice this with someone and if they are stressed or sick, they can use different steps to try to go into lucid dreaming.

Dreams can be unknown and you can see that your imagination plays a role in dream.  People will sometimes feel that they should customize their dreams so that they can understand different meanings in their life and experiment more things.  A dream and an interpretation can go hand in hand and sometimes people will try to undersetand what their dreams mean and will try to interpret the dreams of others.

Before you do this, you should know the person well.  You should choose someone that is willing because freewill is important in all aspects of life.  If they choose to do this, make sure they are comfortable and that they have a good sleeping place.  Interact with them while they are falling asleep and make sure that they are willing to interact in their dream.


Do not influence another person’s dream negatively.  You know why you are going in their dream and it should only be for good reasons.

You cannot make someone do something that they would not normally do.  You can show them something but not make them touch it or move it.

If you want to deliver a message, you can do it by showing them or by using symbols.  Always be positive and do not stress or make the person upset.  Let them see small things along the way and let them not be worried about the adventure in front of them.

Show empathy.  Take care of people’s feelings and show them that you are sensitive and be positive.  Do not just make them sky dive if they are on the edge of something but slowly work into it.


When you are wanting to do this, make sure the time is right and the person is really sleeping.  Give them about 90 minutes to get into REM sleep.

Meditate deeply and relax.  Once you are relaxed, you should lose touch with the physical world around you and feel that you are in space.

When you are floating, stay relaxed and be comfortable.  If you see blackness or weightlessness that is good.  Be aware of their emotions and feelings and realize you are not in another world but a state of consciousness.

When you are floating around, you will see different images and weird things, don’t be afraid.  Observe them and pay attention to what you see.

Create a mental list of what you are experiencing and try to walk around and discover new things.  Avoid showing anything negative, only positive things.

If you have the ability to lucid dreaming, then you can use different techniques to help other people get there.  They can have the same outcome and have successful experiences in their dreaming.  Try things out and see what is good and what works and what doesn’t.


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