Does He Want You Back? Find Out!

Does He Want You Back

Maybe you are reading this because you wonder if your ex is wanting to get back with you. People that have broken up in the past have learned how to cope with the loss of not having this person in their lives anymore. Some people fall in and out of love often, but most people do have some kind of love story.

You might know what you want to be in life, and you might know where you want your finances to go but when you go through a breakup, sometimes you wonder if you and your ex will ever work things back out.

There are some signs that your ex might want you back and here they are:

Going Down Memory Lane

When your ex-contacts you, it could be for different situations. Maybe you have the same friend group still or maybe you have to spend time with him or her because you work together. No matter what the reason is, this can cause there to be times when you talk about things of the past.

People that are more mature can look at their relationships when they end, and they can remember the times when things were good. As people change and grow, they will be able to do this more and more. If you have an ex though and they are always wanting to talk about the times when you were together, chances are that they haven’t moved on. It is hard to make new memories when you keep bringing up the ones from the past.

What To Do

If this is happening and you want to get back together with your ex, talk about the past. Maybe they were so important in your life, and you were close to them and want things to feel good again.

Remember though that this doesn’t mean that he for sure wants to be in a relationship with you again and you need to be careful where you put your heart. Find out what his motives are such as if he had a bad day and needed to talk about something familiar. Maybe he is trying to see if you act interested back.

Be careful with your heart when you talk to him and if you see it isn’t going anywhere, then you need to stop all of the memory lane talks.

Bettering Himself

Improving yourself after a breakup is often how life goes. This happens sometimes because you want to prove to your ex that you are a better person than they said you were. This might be your body or your mind that you want to improve. Maybe you need to take control of things in your life and get back your power. Being unsure of yourself can motivate you to do better.

If you hear your ex telling you that he is bettering himself or if you see him places at the gym where he never was, this could mean he is trying to make things better. He might even go to a therapist to find out how to fix his emotions.

What To Do

If you are talking to your ex and he tells you about how he is bettering himself, support him and be kind. Encourage him just like you would a sibling. But if you are going through a no contact time with him, right after the breakup, then you need to avoid these kinds of conversation.

Be careful about investing your heart in his changes. If he wants to make himself better just to be with you then he probably isn’t really changing. He could also be doing this because he wants to build up his ego and make you feel even worse for the breakup.

Always Contacting You

Do you try to live your life and all of a sudden it is like he is constantly calling or texting you? When you break up and move on, chances are you won’t want to contact that person anymore. If you feel that he is reaching out to you, you should know he isn’t over the relationship yet.

What To Do

Know what kind of conversations you are having. Be mindful about what you talk about. Don’t get into a place where you are acting like a couple without being a couple because you need to remember why you broke up in the first place.

If you are in love with him, you might want to spend time with him and to find out if the breakup was what you wanted. But, if you really want to know, have a conversation about it before you get your heart broken again.

Look at where the relationship is going and see what your feelings are. Don’t let your heart take over what your mind should be telling you. Make sure you are making good decisions for your life.

Talking About the Breakup

One thing that should not happen is to talk about the breakup again. If your ex is wanting to always bring this up, chances are that he might be trying to figure out if it was a mistake.

Ask to discuss why he is bringing it up so that you can figure out what he is really wanting. Then if you decide to talk about it, don’t leave out the parts of the breakup and the reasons the breakup happened. Talk about all of it, good and bad.

What To Do

If you want to get back with your ex, then these are things you need to talk about. You need to find out if you still have feelings for him and if you want to be with him in a relationship. Be honest in what you talk about and make sure that you are getting all of your feelings out.

Let your emotions come to the surface and don’t yell and scream but have a real, heart felt conversation. This can help you to find out where these talks are going.

Talks About “Our” Future

Does he want to talk to you like you are going to have future plans? If this is happening or if he is trying to set up dates for you, it can be hard to let go. If you want to have a future with him, you might need to be logical about the goals you are setting.

What To Do

If he wants to have an honest discussion with you about the future and what he wants, you can have this. Make sure that you talk about all the times that he has hurt you and the times you wanted this, and he didn’t.

Remember what your relationship was like and what it felt like when you were together. Be sure that he is talking about this because he wants a future and not just for his own intentions.

Don’t get too involved in the future talks and always listen to what your heart and your brain are really telling you about this situation.

Same Patterns

Do you feel that the relationship is the same as it used to be. Do you feel that it takes effort to start a new relationship and are you questioning being single? Do you feel that you are picking up the same patterns with someone else that you were with your ex?

If you have went through a hard breakup, chances are that you love that person and you loved how he used to treat you. Maybe you loved how he held you or how he kissed you.

Repeating these same behaviors with your ex though can be dangerous. Make sure that you aren’t just going to him because you are lonely. If you start a new relationship, make sure it isn’t just in the honeymoon stages.

What To Do

Remember that the relationship didn’t work because of things that happened. You don’t want to just go through the motion of things and then get your heart broken again.

Let your heart stay guarded and if you want to get back together, then make sure you are protecting yourself every step of the way. If this relationship doesn’t work again, be prepared for what will happen to your heart.

He Cares About You

Do you have an ex that seems to really care about you even after the breakup? Do you feel that they were a good partner and you invested so much time in them? Men are good at things they do such as sex and it isn’t always because of the relationship.

Maybe he wants to talk about his feelings and to find out about your life. If he is being formal, this can mean he is just making sure you are okay but if you feel that he is always talking about it, it could mean he wants you back.

What To Do

If this happens, you might need to take a break and really think things through. If you want to be with him, this is a way to build the relationship back, but if you don’t, you need to pull back and not always talk about these things with him.

He Tells You He Loves You

No matter what happens, if your ex tells you he still loves you, he wants you back. Even if the other signs don’t add up, this is the sure sign that he wants to be with you.  If you have been wondering if this would ever happen and it does, be careful and weigh the options in front of you.

What To Do

Breaking up with someone you love is hard. There is no way that this happened in an easy way. Remember why it happened and what problems were there. What kind of plan did you have before you broke up.

Even if you will get back into the relationship, make sure that you talk to people that love you like your friends and family. Get their advise and let them keep you on level ground.

Never let your emotions tell you if you should be back with your ex or not. The relationship ended for a reason, and you need to know why. This changed you but if you feel that the relationship could be better this time, give it a chance.


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