Common Love Concerns and How to Manage Them


We all have questions about love- whether we have it, if we should keep it, and how we can find it again. We might want to know if the person we are currently with is who we are meant to be with forever, or if we should take a chance and ask out someone who has been on our mind for awhile. Unfortunately, there is no five-step program for finding true love.

Here are the answers to a few common questions we have about love:

  1. How can I attract the right partner?

We all want to know what we can do to attract the person we are supposed to be with for the rest of our lives. If you are looking for your soulmate, it’s important to stay open to love. Our soulmate might not look anything like we expect them to. Love attracts love, so create good relationship habits for yourself now. This helps you to know how to handle your soulmate when you finally do find them.

You don’t have to be a doormat for anyone, but it is important to cultivate a character that is open and loving to all. You can still have boundaries to keep yourself safe and healthy while still pursuing relationships that bring you closer to finding your life partner.

Love life and yourself, and other people will respond.

  1. How do I avoid attracting the wrong people?

Unfortunately, it can seem like we get caught up in a loop of bad relationships where we seem to make the same mistakes over and over again. In order to avoid attracting the wrong kind of partners, examine your intentions. Are you ignoring what your body and mind are telling you, and instead leaning on another person for reassurance and affection?

It can be helpful to list what attributes you are looking for in a life partner. Visit this list regularly; it can help you subconsciously look for people who fit this description. Know what your relationship issues tend to be and be open about those issues with potential partners. Affirm for yourself what attributes you want in a relationship and be stubborn in your pursuit of that happiness.

  1. If I cheated, is my relationship doomed to fail?

Life happens, and we don’t always make good decisions when it comes to who we love. Love gets in the way of our better judgement, and you might find yourself in a relationship where you and/or your partner have cheated on their significant others.

This relationship’s beginnings don’t mean that it is doomed to fail. However, you should examine your intentions with this partner and how you’ll deal with the potential chances of cheating in your own relationship. If they left their last partner in an unkind way, they may do the same thing to you.

  1. How can I bring the spark back in my relationship?

Over time, the familiarity of our partner causes us to settle down and settle into our life with them. The initial spark that attracted us to them had faded and is hopefully replaced with a deep sense of love, affection, and care. There are times where you will want to reenergize your relationship with some new experiences.

One way to add something exciting in your relationship is to have lives outside of your partner. Have a hobby, a team, or a group of friends to have adventures with. This makes you happy and gives you something to talk about with your partner that is new and exciting. They get to see you involved with something that brings you joy, and you aren’t retelling the same old stories for the hundredth time.

Sometimes a lack of availability can make you more desirable to your partner. By having a life of your own, they realize that the time they are able to spend with you is important and valuable. Both you and your partner should be growing and becoming who you are supposed to be.

  1. Can friendship turn into romance?

Of course it can- in fact, some of the strongest romantic relationships are built on the foundation of friendship. Friends look out for each other, have each other’s backs, and want what is best for the other person. When a relationship blossoms out of this friendship, you have a strong base by which to take care of one another.

Just because you are friends doesn’t mean you can’t also be soulmates. A friendship might turn into romance quickly, or it could take years to develop. Always keep your eye on people with whom you have a strong connection with; you can build a great relationship or continue your amazing friendship with one another.

Love is an extraordinary experience. It is confusing, amazing, frustrating, and ultimately something we are all searching for.


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