Broken Contracts and How to Move On

Broken Contracts

Do you feel held back by sacred contracts or have you broken a contract by leaving and you don’t know if your life will ever be normal again?

The sacred contracts are looked at by the Sacred Council and they are there to make sure that the souls agree to come into the body when it is their time to go. They aren’t made to understand the contracts and the binds that you have with someone especially someone that has to go against different principles like the principle of creation.

The idea of free will is that all humans with a soul and a spirit is given to them so that they can choose what they want to do and where they want to be. A sacred contract is an agreement that the soul makes with the council so that they can love their body unconditionally and they can come to the earth with it.

If a person chooses to not stay with the body, the council will come together to help them remember why she chose to do that from the beginning. This was because of the love that she had to her person. The council will look at this person and will see if they have a desire to live as a free spirit instead of going to the body and then they will have to make a decision on it.

Another sacred contract can be with a person and the soul is meant to love that person unconditionally. Some people will make these contracts and then they will feel stuck. They will want to get out of these because they no longer have the feelings to be with that person. If they want to have a different partner, they can act a certain way to try to make that happen.

People create their own reality, and this happens with what they feel. Sometimes feelings are confusing and sometimes when something happens before a person incarnates to the earth, they will not understand their feelings or maybe not pay attention to them. The council will talk to you about that and see if you desire something different or if you are just desiring something in your life that you changed because of your feeling.

Having bad feelings about something doesn’t mean that you need to be angry at yourself it just means that you have to remember that your feelings are not always unconditional. You can love and not do this unconditionally when you focus on things that are not pleasant to you. You have to allow yourself to have love and to offer love. Instead of focusing on bad feelings, you need to use those feelings to see what you want to feel instead.

Pay attention to things that are not comfortable to you and learn to challenge that. When things get uncomfortable, it means that you don’t desire these things anymore and this can help you to find out what you really want.

Find a good memory or feeling that you have, and the council will try to help you get unstuck. It can seem like you will stay stuck, but the council will help you to experience things and will help you to look at your past and feel better. You will learn to trust yourself and your intuition and it will help you with your feelings.

When you start feeling better, you will see that it is easier to feel good inside. You might remember things in your life that you left behind and things that you left behind in the past. Instead of looking for something bad, look at a memory that was good with someone and focus on that good feeling that you had.

Feeling good about something that is about to happen can help you to feel good in the now. Learn to feel good when you want something to change in your future. The council will help you to get what you want in your life if you choose to change your feelings and you learn to have good feelings instead of bad feelings.

Your council is there to help you if you feel stuck and if you want to move forward, you can do that with positive feelings.


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