Being an Empath VS. An Earth Angel

Being an Empath VS. An Earth Angel

An earth angel is a soul that does not come from the earth. Even though all souls come from the divine world, the way that we shape our lives and the physical traits that we have change who we are.

If someone is in the desert for their whole life, they will act differently than someone that is born and raised in the city.

Our lives and the way that we live change us. It doesn’t just change our physical appearance; it also changes how we talk and what kind of attitude we have. If you are a lightworker, chances are you have spent time in the spirit world. There will be times that you have reached the angelic realm and you have been influenced by these things.

If you have a human body but your soul is a traveling soul, chances are you might be an earth angel. Most earth angels are empaths but not all empaths are earth angels.

The traits of an empath are seen by the things that they do and the feelings that they have. There are some empaths that are Lightworkers, Highly Sensitive People, Indigos, Crystal souls and more. There are people that have went on different levels in their awakenings.

All of these things are hard to understand but the truth of it all is that empaths are very sensitive people. They have strong emotions, but they also pick up the emotions of others.

Here are some traits you can see when you look at an empath:

  • They feel other emotions.
  • They do not know if it is their emotions or someone else’s.
  • They are easily stressed and overwhelmed.
  • They cannot watch violence on television.
  • They know when someone is lying.
  • They have digestive problems.
  • They have back problems.
  • They are always putting others above themselves.
  • They are tired a lot.
  • They are easy to talk to.
  • They are drawn to holistic healing.
  • Very creative.
  • Need to have alone time.
  • Love nature.
  • Love children.
  • Get distracted easily.
  • Hate doing things they don’t enjoy.
  • Want truth.
  • Want answers.
  • Like to travel.
  • Hates clutter.
  • Daydream a lot.
  • Hates rules.
  • Listen well.
  • Feel everything around them.
  • Hate antique shops.
  • Feel shy or disconnected.

There are different traits between an empath and an earth angel even though they have some similarities.

Here are some traits of an earth angel:

  • They are always positive.
  • They see your potential.
  • They are very creative.
  • They have gone through their awakening at an early age.
  • They are wise.
  • The attract people that have problems.
  • They do not feel called and do not know their purpose.
  • They love philosophy.
  • They love healing techniques and methods.
  • Have a deep personality.
  • Strong in their psyche.
  • They want the truth.
  • They struggle with being on the earth.
  • They have to have boundaries.
  • They have a hard time with relationships.
  • Attract abusive people in their lives.
  • Might be bisexual.
  • Have a lot of grace for others.
  • Accept people for who they are.
  • Never want to settle down.
  • Have a hard time following society.
  • Highly intuitive.
  • Connected to the spiritual world.
  • Love nature.
  • Protective of animals and children.
  • Deep emotions.
  • Negative and positive emotions.
  • Feel spaced out often.
  • Have vivid dreams.
  • Have lucid dreams.
  • Experienced astral projection.
  • Understanding of magic.
  • Find yourself floating.
  • Very inspired.
  • Not stable in housing and needs.
  • Want to return home.
  • Strong sense of purpose.
  • Love to be free.
  • Very compassionate.
  • Likes to guide others.


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